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Riding the Rails West Vocabulary and Definitions.

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1 Riding the Rails West Vocabulary and Definitions

2  Define: willing.  Example: Lori loves cold weather and thinks it is pleasant and agreeable.  Ask: What kind of weather do you find agreeable?

3  Define: value.  Example: Jan and Kayla appreciate everything their grandmother does for them.  Ask: How do you show people that you appreciate them?

4  Define: grew.  Example: Anita’s lemonade business boomed when the weather got hotter.  Ask: What does boomed mean in a sentence?

5  Define: someone who is related to someone who lived in the past.  Example: Ann and her family are descendants of the people in the photographs.  Ask: What are descendants?

6  Define: to leave a country to live elsewhere.  Example: People who left their homes knew the emigration would be hard.  Ask: What are some reasons for emigration?

7  Define: the first people to settle a place.  Example: In 1843, pioneers traveled across the country by covered wagons.  Ask: Why did pioneers travel across the country?

8  Define: A system of moving people and things from one place to another.  Example: Trains are my favorite form of transportation for many people.  Ask: Can you tell about another form of transportation?

9  Define: means of transporting people and goods.  Example: These vehicles are parked in a large parking lot.  Ask: What type of vehicle do you travel to school in?

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