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Ask Sheffield FAQ Database Student Services Information Desk.

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1 Ask Sheffield FAQ Database Student Services Information Desk

2 Purpose Answering general enquiries about student related matters – Prospective students – Current students – Alumni Signpost to specialist information resource Being signposted from specialist information

3 How does it fit in? Standard Sentences Automatic Responses Prospective Students Categorised Web Forms Current StudentsGraduates/Alumni Answer General Enquiries Signpost to information resources elsewhere on the website or in the University Redirect / Refer to specialists elsewhere in the department or University Closed Enquiries Ask Sheffield

4 Companies using MetaFAQ

5 Benefits Answers 80%-90% of routine enquiries automatically online. Quicker response times by reducing overall volume of inbound emails Enables customers to find information faster. Reduces frustration of users by giving them an answer or directing them to a member of staff. Gain invaluable customer insight.

6 Features Natural language processing Popular entries are positioned for quick access. Recommends other content on related subjects. Queries not answered are routed to a member of SSiD staff Answers linked to other web pages or contacts. Comprehensive statistics The knowledgebase can interface with SOAP, WSDL and.NET APIs.

7 Recent improvements Cleaner look and feel and improved navigation Enquiries divided into categories The ability to filter questions by category and sub category An improved (optimised) search engine Individual FAQs accessible to search engines such as Google Increased number of FAQs Links to the SSiD contact web page after the user has attempted at least one search.


9 Who is on board? Admissions Disability Support Financial Support Income office International Exchanges International Recruitment International Student Support Library Services Recruitment Support Registry Team Student Fees Team UK/EU Recruitment Students’ Union Marketing Taught Programmes U Sport

10 The near future… 1. Link to Ask Sheffield from home page 2. Google search box results to highlight Ask Sheffield 3. Ask Sheffield right hand image to replace text links on existing University pages. 4. Migration of Current Students FAQs to Ask Sheffield 5. Approach academic departments to ask for their contribution 6. Contacting all web editors to ask them to add Ask Sheffield to their websites. 7. Redesign of Ask Sheffield to display three main categories (Prospective, Current and Alumni). Other categories may include: parents, employers, staff, academic departments, etc.


12 How can you help? Promote Ask Sheffield – the University’s FAQ database Access the database and add and update your own FAQs Help route enquiries through Ask Sheffield to your enquiry handling systems

13 To contribute contact: Simon Linskill (

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