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I have chosen to do my presentation on London in the United Kingdom by Georgia Lewis.

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1 I have chosen to do my presentation on London in the United Kingdom by Georgia Lewis

2 Map of the United Kingdom

3 History of the Jews in England The history of the Jews in England goes back to the reign of William 1 st. The first written record of Jewish settlement in England dates from 1070 although Jews may have lived there since Roman times. The Jewish presence continued until King Edward 1 st ‘s edict of expulsion in 1290.

4 Jews in England Jews in Britain now number 300 000 and England contains the second largest Jewish population in Europe and the 5 th largest Jewish community worldwide.

5 Jewish Communities in London BarnetEdgwareGants Hill Golders GreenHendonMill Hill St John’s WoodSouth Tottenham Stamford HillWoodside Park I have included some of the London Synagogues in my presentation.

6 Bevis Marks Synagogue The Bevis Marks Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in the United Kingdom. It is located off Bevis Marks in the City of London. The synagogue was built in 1701 and is affiliated to London’s historic Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Community. There is no electricity in this synagogue and the inside is lit by hundreds of candles which gives it a wonderful atmosphere. My Zaida used to love to go to this Shull.

7 Bevis Marks Synagogue

8 Golders Green Beth Hamedrash The Golders Green Beth Hamedrash (also known as Munks) is an Ashkenazi Orthodox Jewish Congregation located in golders green, London, UK. It was founded in 1936 in the King Alfred shul and moved to a new location in The Riding in 1956. It started the Kedassia Kashruth organisation, Menorah primary school and Menorah high school amongst others

9 The Dalston Synagogue The Dalston synagogue was a Jewish place of worship in Newington green, North London from about 1885 to 1970. It was also known as the Poets road synagogue and was not in Dalston, another area of north east London. This became one of the leading synagogues of London.

10 The Dalston Synagogue

11 The Great Synagogue of London The Great Synagogue of London was for centuries, the centre of Ashkenazi synagogue and Jewish life in London. It was destroyed during World war II in the blitz.

12 The Great Synagogue of London

13 Sandy’s Row Synagogue Sandy’s row synagogue is a historic synagogue in the east end of London. The building was constructed in 1766 by refugee French Huguenots as a community church. In the mid 19 th century it was purchased by a Jewish society.

14 Sandy’s row Synagogue

15 Ohel David Synagogue The Ohel David Eastern Synagogue is a Sephardi Orthodox Synagogue based in Golders Green, North London. Its members include Sephardi Jews from many parts of the world, especially Iraqi and other Mizrahi Jews.

16 Ohel David Synagogue

17 Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue Fieldgate street great synagogue located in the east end of London, was established in 1899. In 1950 it was rebuilt after damage caused by a German raid during World War II. It is currently surrounded on 3 sides by the East London Mosque.

18 Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue

19 The Wlodowa Synagogue The Wlodowa Synagogue was a synagogue in Bethnal Green, London. The congregation was established in 1901, by Jews from Wlodowa in Poland and by London Jewish cabinetmakers. The synagogue closed in 1987.

20 The Wlodowa Synagogue

21 The END By Georgia Lewis Sources - Wikipedia

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