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RDA Special Topics: Art Catalogs Kate James LC Policy & Standards Division December 2011 Revised January 2013.

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1 RDA Special Topics: Art Catalogs Kate James LC Policy & Standards Division December 2011 Revised January 2013

2 Art Catalogs2 What we mean by “art catalogs” here Listings of artwork by one or more artists, usually with many pictures Also including catalogs of art exhibitions NOT including Auction and sales catalogs (covered separately in LC-PCC PS Artists’ books (books produced by artists intended as visual objects) Other types of books about art like instructional materials, biographies of artists, books about aesthetics

3 Art Catalogs3 AACR2 21.17B1 not in RDA 21.17B1: If a work consists of reproductions of the works of an artist and text about the artist and/or the works reproduced, enter under the heading appropriate to the text if the person who wrote it is represented as author in the chief source of information of the item being catalogued. Make an added entry under the heading for the artist. Otherwise, enter under the heading for the artist. No special instruction in RDA equivalent to AACR2 21.17B1! Use general instructions instead.

4 Art Catalogs4 Remains the same in RDA LCRI 21.1B1 = LC-PCC PS Art Catalogs LCRI 21.1B2 Art Catalogs = LC-PCC PS Art Catalogs An artist can still be considered a creator (main entry in AACR2-speak) in RDA because includes the idea of artist as creator Reproductions of the work(s) of an artist named the same way as original work

5 Art Catalogs5 Art catalogs and corporate bodies (LC-PCC PS Recurring exhibition?—yes enter under exhibition 111 2# $a Arango International Design Exhibition $n (8th : $d 1992 : $c Miami, Fla.; New Orleans, La.) 245 10 $a Out of the ordinary : $b good design for $20 or less. Owned by one corporate body?—yes, enter under corporate body 110 2# $a National Gallery of Art (U.S.) 245 10 $a Italian paintings of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries / $c Diane de Grazia, Eric Garberson.

6 Art Catalogs6 Art catalogs and personal names If main entry under corporate body (including conference name) is not appropriate, consult Chapter 6, especially: Works Created by One Person Collaborative Works Compilations Commentary, etc. Added to a Previously Existing Work

7 Art Catalogs7 Art catalog as compilation of works of one creator Usually art catalogs for a single artist contain compilations of the works of the artist 100 1# $a Bissell, Robert. 240 10 $a Paintings. $k Selections 245 10 $a Hero : $b the paintings of Robert Bissell / $c introduction by Carl Little. 100 1# $a Warhol, Andy, $d 1928-1987. 240 10 $a Drawings. $k Selections 245 10 $a Andy Warhol drawings.

8 Art Catalogs8 Art catalog as commentary plus previously existing work(s) Catalog presented as the work of the person writing about the art 100 1# $a Bailey, Colin B. 245 10 $a Renoir : $b impressionism and full-length painting / $c Colin B. Bailey. 100 1# $a Renoir, Auguste, $d 1841-1919. 240 10 $a Works. $k Selections 245 10 $a Renoir : $b paintings, drawings, lithographs, and etchings / $c selected and introduced by Nigel Lambourne. Catalog is presented as the work(s) of the artist

9 Art Catalogs9 Art catalog compilation? Look further than statement of responsibility relating to title proper No creator in statement(s) of responsibility 245 $a The masterworks of Charles M. Russell : $b a retrospective of paintings and sculpture / $c edited by Joan Carpenter Troccoli ; foreword by Lewis I. Sharp and Duane H. King. Possible creators 245 $a Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams : $b natural affinities / $c essays by Barbara Buhler Lynes, Sandra S. Phillips, Richard B. Woodward.

10 Art Catalogs10 Art catalog compilation?—yes Answer is clear when you look at table of contents 245 $a The masterworks of Charles M. Russell. 505 $a Poetry and motion in the art of Charles M. Russell / by Joan Carpenter Troccoli – Memories of Charles M. Russell among my Indian relatives / by George Horse Capture, Sr. – Charlie Russell in wax / by Mindy Besaw – Charlie Russell discovers Lewis and Clark / by James P. Ronda. 245 $a Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams. 505 $a Northeast by Southwest / Richard B. Woodward – Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams : subjects of self / Barbara Buhler Lynes -- What Adams saw : Ansel Adams and modern art in America / Sandra S. Phillips.

11 Art Catalogs11 Example: art catalog compilation 245 $a Susan Hiller / $c edited by Ann Gallagher ; with contributions by Yve-Alain Bois, Guy Brett, Jo ̈ rg Heiser, Alexandra M. Kokoli and Jan Verwoert. 500 $a Catalog published on the occasion of the exhibition Susan Hiller at the Tate Britain, 1 February-15 May 2011. 505 $a Shape shifting / Ann Gallagher – Retrievals / Susan Hiller, Yve-Alain Bois and Guy Brett in conversation – Key Works, 1970-2010 – Messages suppressed by culture do not cease to exist / Jo ̈ rg Heiser – Moving Sideways and other “sleeping metaphors” : Susan Hiller’s paraconceptualism / Alexandra M. Kokoli – Science and Sentience / Jan Verwoert. o Catalog is published by an art gallery, but LC-PCC PS does not apply. It is a compilation in multiple senses.

12 Art Catalogs12 Example: art catalog compilation Access points have been given for the editor and contributor named first in statement of responsibility. 700 1# $a Gallagher, Ann. 700 1# $a Bois, Yve-Alain. Instead of an analytical authorized access point for the first work listed in the 505, an analytical access point is given for the compilation of the artist’s works. 700 12 $a Hiller, Susan. $t Works. $k Selections. An access point for the host institution is optional, but consider giving if helpful to the user. 710 2# $a Tate Britain (Gallery)

13 Art Catalogs13 Exhibition catalogs An exhibition catalog is not the exhibition itself Exhibitions are corporate bodies, which are Group 2 entities Exhibition catalogs are manifestation, which are Group 1 entities

14 Art Catalogs14 Relationship designators (Appendix I) Relationship designators for creators (I.2.1): artist author photographer Relationship designators for other P-F- CBs associated with a work (I.2.2): host institution issuing body

15 Art Catalogs15 Relationship designators (Appendix I) (cont.) Relationship designators for contributors (I.3.1): editor of compilation writer of added commentary writer of added text

16 Art Catalogs16 A relationship designator not commonly used for art catalogs Curator (I.5.2) “A person, family, or corporate body conceiving, aggregating, and/or organizing an exhibition, collection, or other item” Only allowed for a P-F-CB associated with an item

17 Art Catalogs17 Review Check first to see if a corporate body should be considered creator The creator may not be named on the preferred source of information Text is not more important than art when determining “main entry” in the bibliographic record Conventional collective titles are not restricted to textual works

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