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Energy around/in us Let’s make science teaching better… Ludányi Lajos.

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1 Energy around/in us Let’s make science teaching better… Ludányi Lajos

2 Does Chemistry & Physics have a future?

3 Why don’t students like these subjects? „We wrote many C and H letters. I have never known what these mean in the real world…” „I can recite the second law of Newton, but I can’t imagine where I can use…” „I couldn’t make contact between theories of science and my own world, and my own experience” Conclusion: Can’t see the koherncy between science subjects. Miss the reference to his/her earlier science knowledge among science subjects. We have a false idea about students’ prerequisite knowledge Our teaching method is academically, absolutly not learnerfriend

4 Where are we from? AgePhysicsChemistryBiology 121 13222 14222 15222 16222 17 2 2 2 182 blue: compulsory lesson red: facultative

5 Coordination between Curriculum of Science Disciplinary Age 16 PhysicsChemistryBiologyGeography … Vaporization Boiling … Physical properties of alkanes.... Destillation of crude oil How was formed the crude oil Heat and work Carnot engine Fuel and engine The business and economics of oil Otto engineBiofuelsFoods as fuels Energy relase and energy storage in cells

6 Energy usage through the ages Purpose of energy usage Primitive society Hunting society Early agricultural society Advanced agricultural society Industrial society Technological society food 81316263042 Home and commerce -81750134277 Industry and agriculture --1729101382 transport ---459265 total 82150109324966

7 Evaporation and boiling evaporation and cooling Hygrometer of Leonardo difference between evaporation and boiling what is in the bubble? boiling at Himalaya pressure cooker and room temperature

8 Condensation and distillation

9 How was the crude oil and the coal formed

10 Politics and oil Iraq invaded Kuwait Arab-Israeli War II.W.W Germany’s for Caucasus’ oil Pearl Harbour partly result of American oil embargo Yom Kippur War Gulf War Iraq

11 Heat engine 2nd law of thermodinamics How works the heat engine „Home made” Carnot engine

12 How works a ‘real’ heat engine?

13 Refrigerator

14 ATP – like a rechargeable battery

15 Food as our fuel 1 = ?

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