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Food Around the World Small business – Big Business.

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1 Food Around the World Small business – Big Business

2 Enough food for 6.5 Billion; but.. Obesity is a major health problem in the USA People are malnourished and starving in many parts of the world Food deprivation is used by some governments experiencing civil wars Much food aid sent to developing countries or disaster areas does not reach those most in need due to corrupt governments Underneath all this is the basic fact that humans need food to live.... There may be enough food; however, there is a great disparity in the accessibility of food from country to country or region to region.

3 Stung by soaring food prices, angry Egyptians throng a kiosk selling government-subsidized bread near the Great Pyramid at Giza.

4 A mountain of soybeans from Brazil rises in the hold of a cargo ship bound for China, where they will be crushed for cooking oil and animal feed.

5 Workers in India's fertile Punjab pull an overstuffed load of rice stalks to a farm where they will be used as animal feed.

6 Bangladesh - A woman sweeps a harvested rice field, gleaning leftover grains to feed her family.

7 Steam rises from rice being processed at a small mill in Rangpur, in northern Bangladesh.

8 Ethiopia - The sorghum porridge at this refugee camp lacks the protein and fat needed for an Afari mother to produce enough milk to breast- feed her malnourished son. Go to the next slide to get the full impcat of the picture.


10 Continuing a 2,000-year-old tradition, women harvest rice by hand on the Banaue terraces in the Philippines.

11 Skilled fingers separate good seed from bad at the International Rice Research Institute in Los Baños, Philippines.

12 Small portions of rice and boiled beef are all the dinner Marylyn Tolentino and her family of seven can afford in their village home near Manila, Philippines.

13 One of the world's billion people who survive on less than a dollar a day, Mahabbat Ali Sheikh buys rice for his family at the Shaghata bazaar, in northern Bangladesh.

14 Great Plains wheat farm in the USA

15 Farmer’s market in Kenya

16 Outdoor market in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

17 Grocery store in a developed country

18 Cooking his Satay Octopus at the Parap Outdoor Market

19 Restaurant food preparation in a developed country.

20 South Sudan girls pounding grain to prepare it for cooking.

21 Preparing grain in factories (flour mills) for use in developed countries.

22 Cooking at home in Bangladesh

23 Cooking at home in a developed country.

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