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Exhibition (Indoor & Outdoor)

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1 Exhibition (Indoor & Outdoor)
Office. Jl. Kebun Mangga I/28A Kebayoran Lama 12230 Tlp Fax Workshop. Jl. Pondok Pucung/39 Bintaro Sektor 9 – Pondok Aren Interior Backdrop & Stage Booth

2 Onkei Serve In ~ Exhibition (Indoor & Outdoor) ~ Interior
Is the company move in exhibition and interior, which is hold many kinds event exhibition and interior in many place. Usually we are have exhibition. In Jakarta Convention Center, Jiexpo Kemayoran, Hotels, Officers and Malls. Onkei is also supproting the event organizer companies and communication to backup their programs in launching a product and promotions. Serve In ~ Exhibition (Indoor & Outdoor) ~ Interior ~ Stage & Backdrop ~ Booth

3 Done Project

4 Our Experiance

5 CELULAR EXHIBITION Nokia Showcase Nokia ICS at JCC Senayan
Nokia QD at Kelapa Gading

6 Otomotif Event Mitsubishi Motor Nissan Diesel at Gaikindo Expo
at Plaza Senayan GT Radial at Gaikindo Expo

7 Rei Expo at JCC Senayan

8 Indobuiltech Expo at Jcc
PT. Intec Persada PT. Alsun Suksesindo

9 Exhibition Booth PT. Aviator at Indodefence
HSBC booth at Kelapa Gading Mall

10 Road Show Event Mall to Mall
Toshiba BCA Batman Samsung

11 Roadshow Event Rumah Cantik Citra Buavita Embassy Of Thailand
Toshiba Laptop

12 Stage & Backdrop Backdrop AAM Stage Nokia 9300

13 Levi’s at Plaza Senayan
Stage & Backdrop Dexa at JW Marriot Levi’s at Plaza Senayan

14 Outdoor Event Indopart PRJ 2008 Caberg Helmets 2010 Indopart PRJ 2009
Funkees 2010

15 Ariko Office at Salemba
Interior Project Ariko Office at Salemba Time Place at Hyatt Bed Room Rice Bowl Living Room

16 Interior Project Café Classic Restaurant Djarum Smoking Lounge

17 Interior Project Parimas Showroom Furniture Adira office
Cosmetic Showroom Furniture Adira office Kitchen Set Dharmawangsa

18 Activation

19 Our Workshop

20 Thank you for your attention
CP : Chichi ( )

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