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ET Lesson Planning LBPP LIA-TTD.

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1 ET Lesson Planning LBPP LIA-TTD

2 Let’s see.. The ET books Visually attractive Knowledge of the world
Moral lesson Variety of materials (comics, etc) Photocopiable materials

3 Let’s see… Too many lessons – some important aspects are ignored
Topics S-S interaction Vocabulary Bloom’s Taxonomy What to teach (skills or components) Grammar and vocabulary As opposed to teaching skills in EA (the TEFL Training) Terminal objectives Inconsistencies of Bloom’s Taxonomy Enabling objectives are not always geared to the terminal objectives. Systematic activities / relevant activities No clear presentation (what to present – Lesson Planning) Double objectives (TEFL training) Classroom management Students’ behaviour (The TEFL Training) Discipline in the classroom

4 Results of the Questionnaire
Students like (some) of the topics on the book Activities in the book promote (enough) S-S interaction The target vocabulary found in the lessons is (frequently) used in real life. The activities in the books (sometimes) apply Bloom’s Taxonomy (critical thinking) The presentation stage (lesson plan) consists of the teaching of (both skills and grammar) The enabling objectives (often) lead to the terminal objective. The activities in the book are (often) relevant to achieve the terminal objective. The activities in the book are (sometimes0 systematic to achieve the terminal objective It’s (considerably) easy to manage the ET students. The topics (sometimes) reflect students’ needs and world views.

5 Problems of Handling ET Books
Too many activities/exercises, but not enough time (sessions) to cover them all. Too many materials to deal with, so the room for modification is limited. Mismatch between objective and type of assessment No highlighted presentation part to help students understand better The exercises cannot meet the objective.

6 Possible Solutions Skip some activities or have students do the activities at home Omit 1-2 exercises which are considered less important or somehow are not related to the objective Create my own assessment that suits the objective or the other way around. Explain it by writing it on the board. Keep on trying to SOAR and think about the rest later.

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