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Le Wallis-et-Futuna By: Marielle Williams.

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1 Le Wallis-et-Futuna By: Marielle Williams

2 DOM-TOM or Francophone?
Le Wallis-et-Futuna is a DOM-TOM because France currently owns it to this day. Futuna was discovered by the Dutch in1616 and Wallis was discovered by the British in 1767, In 1959 Le Wallis-et-Futuna became a French territory. Even though France owns it, only 10.8% of French is spoken there. Wallisian is spoken 58.9%, Futunian is spoken 30.1% and other is spoken 0.2% in Le Wallis-et-Futuna.

3 Did you Know??? The population of Le Wallis-et-Futuna is about 16,300 people Le Wallis-et-Futuna is located in Oceania and below Australia. Le Wallis-et-Futuna is divided into two islands- Le Wallis and then there is Le Futuna. Major cities in Le Wallis are MATA-UTU which is also the capital. In Le Futuna the major city is Sigave.

4 Food Examples Some types of food they eat in Le Wallis-et-Futuna are:
croissants Escargot/ cooked French snails

5 Art This is an example of a telephone card in in Le Wallis-et-Futuna.

6 Pictures from Wallis-et-Futuna
Wallis-et-Futuna flag Maps of Wallis-et-Futuna Picture of part of the island

7 Exports and Products Some products and exports are breadfruit, yams, taro, bananas, pigs, goat, and fish.Le Wallis-et-Futuna is not big enough to have any exports.

8 Mystery Famous Person Sorry but I could not find a famous person from Le Wallis-et-Futuna. But in the mean time enjoy some French music for 30 seconds. This song is called Ces Soirees La.

9 Evidence of the French in Le Wallis-et-Futuna
Wallis-et-Futuna has a French government ,French education, they use the French language and they go by the French laws.

10 The End I hope you had fun learning about Le Wallis-et-Futuna. Now you can compare the differences between the United States and Le Wallis-et-Futuna. I hope you enjoyed the show!

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