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Take a Picture …. Tiger in a Tropical Storm (Surprised!) Henri Rousseau, 1891 Rosmond Milner.

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1 Take a Picture …. Tiger in a Tropical Storm (Surprised!) Henri Rousseau, 1891 Rosmond Milner

2 First impressions count describe the painting in ONE word

3 Look for clues in the picture Subject Style Composition Colour Mood

4 Looking at pictures: visual literacy Subject Is it formal, informal, a portrait, a landscape, a still-life, heroic, exotic, fantastic, ordinary/everyday?

5 Looking at pictures: visual literacy Style Is it naïve, childlike, primitive, stylised, bold, simplified, modern, classical?

6 Looking at pictures: visual literacy Composition Think about perspective, depth of view, pattern, diagonal lines, movement, rhythm, orientation (portrait or landscape format)?

7 Looking at pictures: visual literacy Colour Are the colours bright, warm, hot, strong, bold, complementary colours (red/green, purple/yellow, blue/orange); are there strong tonal contrasts?

8 Looking at pictures: visual literacy Mood Is the picture atmospheric, stormy, windy, light and dark, scary, exciting, electric, dramatic?

9 cant What cant we see?

10 What cant we see in a reproduction? Size Texture > brush marks, thickness of paint Support > canvas, wood, paper If the colour reproduction is accurate

11 Art detectives Visit these websites to find answers for the quiz about the painting: The National Gallery.Click on Search then scroll down the page to Search the Collection. Type in Rousseau Mark Hardens database of artists.Click on the Mona Lisa to enter the site and on H Rousseau in the index on the left. View the Image List The Web Museum, Paris

12 Art detectives 1.What was the painting first called? 2.When was it made? 3.Where can it be seen now? 4.In what way was the painting a first for Rousseau? 5.Which jungle inspired the painting? 1.Surprise! 2.1891 3.The National Gallery, London 4.It was his first jungle painting 5.None – Rousseau claimed he served with the army in Mexico, but it was probably inspired by visits to the botanical gardens and zoo in Paris and by illustrated books

13 6. When was Rousseau born and when did he die? 7. What was his nickname and why? 8. Name one of his other famous paintings? 9. Why is Rousseau known as a naïve artist? 10. Which twentieth century art movement was influenced by his style of painting after his death? 6. 1844 – 1910 7. Le Douanier or Douanier Rousseau because he had been a low-ranking Customs Officer before he retired 8. The Dream, The Sleeping Gypsy, The Football Players 9. Because he was formally untrained and painted in a childlike or primitive way 10. Surrealism

14 Henri Rousseau, Le Douanier

15 Self-portrait, Prague 1890 Rousseaus times Art movements Impressionism Post Impressionism Fauvism CubismArtists Picasso Cézanne Gaugin Monet Léger Dufy

16 Fact file on Rousseau He took 3 months to finish a painting working 7 days a week He painted slowly from the top to the bottom of the canvas, filling in just one colour at a time Portrait of the poet Apollinaire

17 Fact file on Rousseau There are over 50 shades of green in a jungle painting He gave violin & painting lessons and was a street musician to eke out a living He died in poverty and had a paupers grave at first

18 Gentle Rousseau you can hear us We salute you Delaunay, his wife, Monsieur Queval and I Let our luggage through the gate of heaven duty- free Well bring you paintbrushes, colours, canvasses So that your heavenly leisure time in the real light Is devoted to painting as when you did my portrait The face of the stars Guillaume Apollinaire translated RKM Rousseaus grave now has an epitaph by Apollinaire

19 Famous quotes 1 about Cézanne, 1907 You know, I could have finished all these pictures

20 Famous quotes 2 about Picasso, 1908 We are the two greatest painters of this era: you in the Egyptian style and I in the modern style


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