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Elizabeth Ramirez Thursday, March 15, 2012 Period: 5 th Computer#25.

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2 Elizabeth Ramirez Thursday, March 15, 2012 Period: 5 th Computer#25

3 L inda was supposed to go to India during the summer but she instead had to go and visit her cousin and her uncle in Egypt. Linda wasnt very happy about the change of plans but it all was better than dads idea of going to Africa. Clipart

4 L ast time Linda visited her cousin she was in a hospital room so they really didnt do much. This time though she was going to have a lot of fun. Though Linda did wonder why Sofia had been at the hospital she really never found out why. I wonder what was wrong with Ana.

5 A fter a long 5 hour airplane flight Linda and her family finally arrived. Clipart

6 Egypt was so big and so hot Linda could no longer imagine staying here for the whole summer. Hello!!! I am down here.

7 Hi Ana! ! Hi Linda! ! Its been so long since I last saw you. Yeah that was like 2 years ago. Well come on dont just stand lets take your stuff into the guest room. OK. O.M.G. Ana is in wheelchair now who Am I going to play around here with.

8 Dad! Yes. I have a question. What? I want to play with Ana but I dont know what to play with her since you know she is in a wheel chair. Hahah! Oh sweaty your in for a treat. Now that I think about it coming here was a good idea. Huh? What does he mean.

9 What would you like to play. Well I wanted to have a race but I dont think we will be racing. I love to race! How are going to race. Last one to get to dinner is a chicken. Huh?

10 During the trip Linda though that Ana wouldnt be able to play many of the games she liked to play. She soon found out that being in a wheelchair wasnt a disadvantage but just another character very unique. Its not a disability its just another unique character of one self being. Thats why we should not judge people from their physical traits.

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