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Annual Giving: Building the Donor Pyramid

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1 Annual Giving: Building the Donor Pyramid
Helen Harding Director of Annual Giving & Membership

2 Introduction What is Annual Giving? Donor Information Management
Strategies for Growth Donor Relations Management Role in the Overall Development Plan AAUM Annual Fund Solicitation Calendar Open Forum

3 What is Annual Giving? Annual Fund is defined as-
Gifts that are renewable Gifts that are unrestricted Gifts solicited for current use Gifts of a certain amount

4 Methods of AAUM Annual Gifts Solicitations

5 Donor Information Management
Purpose: Capture Information and retrieve it in usable fashion to- Maintain communications with donor Solicit Donations Stewardship Analyze the effectiveness of fundraising efforts

6 Strategies for Growth Three basic strategies for increasing revenue for annual fund Increase the gift size of current donors Increase the number of gifts from current donors Increase the number of current donors

7 Strategies for Growth Stage of Decision-making
Awareness – Prospect knows about the org Interest- Prospect wants to know more Affinity- Prospect likes org Action- Prospect makes donation Feedback- Prospect gets positive reinforcement that action was correct

8 Strategies for Growth Stages of Donor Relationships Identification
Cultivation Solicitation Stewardship

9 Pyramid of Giving Investment Involvement Identification

10 AAUM Annual Fund Calendar
Fall Calendar Year End Spring Fiscal Year End

11 Resources

12 Helen Harding 734-763-9739
Questions? Helen Harding

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