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DiPamat Direct Patterning Materials

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1 DiPamat Direct Patterning Materials
Etch / Plating Resist

2 What is resist is NOT washed away during resist development Remark:
A photo resist is a chemical product that, under the influence of UV light, changes its chemical nature. Resist without UV: is washed away during resist development Resist with UV: is NOT washed away during resist development protects the copper in the etch batch is stripped away after etching Remark: 1 Etch resist: print & etch of inner layers 2 Plating resist: print, plate & etch of outer layers Eric Janssens May 2013

3 What is resist Liquid photo resist (20%) Dry photo resist (80%)
Curtain, roller- or spray coated Thickness: µm Pro: high resolution Contra: dust inclusions and chemical sensitivity Dry photo resist (80%) Cold, hot or wet laminated Thickness: µm Pro: high yield and good tenting Contra: line width Tenting: Via’s must be tented to avoid resist getting in the via Eric Janssens May 2013

4 Traditional resist printing
Workflow: Design Image and develop film, check Coat, laminate resist Image resist If laminated: peel cover layer Develop resist Etch Strip Working with resist is: A time consuming process step Expensive Fixed data Ecological unfriendly Eric Janssens May 2013

5 Inkjet resist printing
Principle: apply etch / plating resist directly on the panel using a set of Inkjet nozzles mounted on a XY table ie without the use of a phototool or screen Workflow: Design Print (with pin curing) Curing (thermal and/or UV) Etch Strip Eric Janssens May 2013

6 Inkjet resit printing Advantages: Reduce cost
no phototool, less production steps shorter production cycle, higher yields Registration panel per panel / distortion compensation front-to-back outer layer to inner layer Design changes & variable data per board Fast (no set up) Ecology Eric Janssens May 2013

7 Quid May 2013 R&D project is in progress
Jetability and etch resistance: OK Stripability: concepts are tested Planning One ER fieldtest in operation by end 2013 Proliferation of ER in 2014 Concept study PR Eric Janssens May 2013

8 Quid May 2013 Eric Janssens May 2013

9 Quid May 2013 Eric Janssens May 2013

10 Quid May 2013 Eric Janssens May 2013

11 Competition: Dow (Rohm and Haas)
Phase shift ink Eric Janssens May 2013

12 Competition: MacDermid
Eric Janssens May 2013

13 Competition: MuTracx
Spin-off from OCE Technologies (Canon) Announces Lunaris: print system and etch resist for IL Phase shift inkl Uses Predict Fieldtest summer 2010 in EU Commercially available by mid 2011 Eric Janssens May 2013

14 Competition: MuTracx Eric Janssens May 2013

15 System supplier: MuTracx
lunaris animation.avi Eric Janssens May 2013

16 Inform your customers and prospects on our plans
Conclusion Inform your customers and prospects on our plans Gather as much information as possible Don't forget film Eric Janssens May 2013

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