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Washington Rose Student of the Month February 2013.

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2 Washington Rose Student of the Month February 2013


4 Washington Rose Pre-Kindergarten Student of the Month February 2013






10 STUDENT OF THE MONTH: J AMES P EREZ kind punctual Good listener caring Completes his work can count on him Knows what to do next CIRCLE MAP : Why is James a Responsible Student? James Perez was chosen by our class to be the Student of the Month. He is a good listener and always knows what to do next. He completes his work and helps others. He comes to school on time and always wears his uniform. James is a responsible student because we can count on him to do the right thing. Mrs. Miles

11 Circle Map: How do we know Kadijah is a Responsible student? Kadijah Beauliere She is trustworthy. She hands in homework every day. She is always prepared for learning. She has been chosen as a hall monitor. She always obeys school and classroom rules. She comes to school each day. She follows directions. She is honest. She completes her class work on time. We see her doing these things each day. Mrs. Gorousingh K 1008

12  Kadijah Beauliere is a one of a kind student, who is kind, campassionate and highly responsible. She has been chosen many times as a hall monitor for our class because she is trustworthy. You can always count on her to get the job done. Kadijah shows her responsibility by attending school each day and coming prepared for learning. Her class work is done with great effort and each day she makes sure to hand in her completed homework. She practices excellent listening skills and can always be found following school and classroom rules. She is an honest student and friend to her classmates and teacher. Kadijah is truly a pleasure to have in class and a role model for all.

13 Aniya Pinheiro Student of the Month Responsibility Kindergarten 1028 – Mrs. Massenberg

14 Aniya Pinheiro Aniya Pinheiro has been chosen for student of the month. She is a responsible learner. Aniya helps to keep our classroom clean and puts material back where they belong. Anytime she is asked to help in the class she does it, without being constantly reminded. She always completes classroom and homework assignments. Aniya does her classroom responsibilities without being asked. She is a model to us as a responsible learner.



17 Mrs. Washington

18 Ms. Gonzalez

19 STUDENT OF THE MONTH Angelyne Vasquez Ms. S. McCarthy February 22, 2013

20 Uijhuihuihipuiuhi;ughiugohuhigyugfyu Angelyne keeps her desk neat Angelyne keeps her desk straight in the rows Angelyne makes thinking maps to keep information Organized Angelyne notebooks Are organized in different Subjects. Angelyne keeps her homework in her homework folder

21 Sofia Chavez-Mrs. Hatem’s Class -2- 2003

22 Student of the Month Idalia Ramos Completes classwork assignments Does her Best work Tries hard Does not Give up Completes Homework assignments cooperative Responsible Mrs. Yedin




26 Washington Rose Honor Roll Principal’s List 2nd Quarter 2013

27 Washington Rose Student of the Month February 2013


29 Leo is always prepared! Leonardo Prepared Caring Giving Helpful Hard working He cares about his classmates! Leonardo puts a lot of effort into his work! He always shares his snacks! He helps us a lot! Takes his classroom job seriously!



32 Mrs. Thadal



35 Sharde Jones “Responsibility” Teacher Mrs. Watford Class 4-2023


37 Ms. Simpson’s Class 4- 2022


39  Taking care of her 5 year old niece.  Maintaining good grades.  Making sure all her belongings are neat both at home and at school.  Turning in assignments on time both for class and student council.

40 Additional Responsibilities:  Completes all assignments for band.  Volunteers to assist her classmates during AIS.  Arrives to basketball practice on time.  Assists teachers and students when needed.

41 Student of the Month February/Responsibility Mr. Tchinnis’ 4 th Grade Class

42 Responsibility Wow! Studying really pays off!

43 Responsibility I’m going places!

44 Geovanny Is Responsible! Geovanny Mejia exhibits the traits of responsibility everyday in our class. Geovanny shows responsibility by caring for the people in his life. He once helped a classmate who was hurt on the playground. We also hear many nice stories of how Geovanny takes care of his younger sister. Geovanny exhibits a high level of maturity for a fourth grader. He is always very serious about learning. He strives to do well on every test. He also helps classmates who may be off task. Geovanny is an extremely trustworthy student. He always returns toys that classmates let him borrow. Mr. Tchinnis will always let him log out books because he brings them back on time and undamaged. We have learned over the course of this school year how reliable Geovanny can be. He always does all of his chores at home knowing that it makes life easier for his parents. Here in class we can rely on Geovanny to be a class leader because he follows all of the rules. To conclude Geovanny Mejia exhibits many characteristics of responsibility, as a result, he is sure to have a bright future.



47 Student of the Month Hailey Flores R

48 Responsible Leader Organized Kind Shy Quiet Honest Focused

49 What classmates are saying about Hailey Flores Karleah- Hailey does not provoke others. Essencia- Her desk is always organized. Kimberly- Hailey is a good role model for her little brother, and other little children. Idris- She is sociable and very observant. Jesse- Hailey is always prepared. Jordan- Hailey uses appropriate language inside and outside the classroom. Johnathan-She is very well-behaved. Ivonne- She is a very good and loyal friend.

50 Congratulations Hailey Flores Thanks for being a great role model for responsibility!

51 Washington Rose Elementary School Ms. A. Alexander, Principal Grade 5 certify to all that Sade Smith has been nominated Student of the Month by Mrs. Baptiste-Moore’s Fifth grade students Presenter’s Name and Title

52 Responsibility

53 Sade organized punctual attentive intelligent cooperative helpful respectful

54 Mrs. Hewitt





59  Santiago  Responsible, friendly  Listens, cares, attentive  Student of the Month  James  Santiago  Hispanic, student  Intelligent, smart, kind  He is very respectful  Hardworking  Santiago  Respectful Honest  Self-Control, loving, gracious  He is very helpful  Responsible


61 February Student of the Month Responsibility Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Stanley Fifth Grade

62 Responsibility Katie always wears her uniform Katie always takes pride in her assignments Katie always completes her assignments Katie keeps her desk neat so her work does not get lost Katie comes to school prepared Katie comes to school on time

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