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Montana State Native American Science Fair SPONSORED BY HEART BUTTE PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITY of GREAT FALLS Presented by David Chalmers.

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1 Montana State Native American Science Fair SPONSORED BY HEART BUTTE PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITY of GREAT FALLS Presented by David Chalmers

2 WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? This science fair provides an opportunity to demonstrate both conventional classroom instruction and “traditional” ways of knowledge gained from their parents, grandparents and Tribal Elders. It provides a stage on which our students can share their knowledge and traditions.

3 Through this project, we seek to help students to do the following: Ask a Question Do Background Research Construct a Hypothesis Test Their Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment Analyze Their Data and Draw a Conclusion Communicate Their Results

4 A focus on results rather than means “Students establish a base of knowledge across a wide range of subject matter by engaging with works of quality and substance. They become proficient in new areas through research and study. They read purposefully and listen attentively to gain both general knowledge and discipline-specific expertise. They refine and share their knowledge through writing and speaking.” COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS INITIATIVE 2013

5 Who is included in this science fair? Any student, grades 6-12, who attends a school which is located on Reservation property, is eligible to participate in this Science Fair. Native American students attending school at a non- reservation school will not be invited to participate in this Fair during the initial stages of the Fairs growth.

6 WE Have a start! In 2012-13, the Heart Butte Public Schools located on the Blackfoot Reservation (Pikuni or Piegan Blackfeet (Aamsskáápipikani) in Montana) held their own Science Fair. Over 50 students selected their own projects, conducted their own research, and explored a topic that they wanted to learn more about.

7 Beginning the first week of school, students were given a timeline to track their progress on their own project. Choosing a topic to investigate over several months was probably the most difficult part of the process. They had never before worked with any project which lasted more than a few days—and we were now asking them to think about a project that might last 6 months!!


9 One week later: The top ten students were permitted to take their projects on to the District Science, Technology, and Engineering Fair held in Great Falls, Montana, where one of our students received an award in Environmental Sciences and $100 for their project work.

10 And one week after that---- We took the top three projects from District Science Fair on to the Montana State Science Fair in Missoula, Montana. There, one of the projects, which had received an award at District competition, was awarded the University of Montana Department of Geology Award for “Best Project in the Field of Geology and Earth Sciences” and an invitation to compete for a $10,000 scholarship.


12 How do we make all of this happen for our native American students? Photo: David Chalmers 2013

13 US:official&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=5CLCUarHMYO2igLquYGQCw&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw=1366&bih=665#facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=WkS- 6-19-2013 Teachers and students in grades 6-12 who attend a school located on a reservation within the State of Montana are invited to this science fair. Native American students attending non-reservation schools will not be invited during the embryonic stage, but will be included in later years. This fair will be hosted by the University of Great Falls at their McLaughlin Center NCSSM Powwow celebrates the culture of Native American Indians

14 - MARCH 4, 2014 - Working with the Office of Public Instruction, the University of Great Falls, and the Administration of Heart Butte Public Schools, regular updates will be mailed to the Administration and lead science teacher for all schools located on the federally recognized Nations within the State of Montana, providing suggested timelines that can be followed so that students can complete an individual research project for presentation at the MtNASF.

15 A website is being established which will provide updated information for all advisors and participants including contact information, links to resources, instructions on how to get their questions answered and registration. For additional information contact: THE DATE TO MARK ON YOUR CALENDAR - MARCH 4, 2014 -

16 My thanks to: Heart Butte Public School District #1, the Board of Trustees and all of the staff. State Superintendent Denise Juneau and her staff University of Great Falls Montana State University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Dr. John Peters, Astrobiology Research Center and Thermobiology Institute Dr. Walter Fleming, Montana State University Department of Native American Studies Dr. Mary Cloninger, Chairman, Montana State University Chemistry Department Dr. Charles McLaughlin, Program Director, Science Horizons Initiative and Adjunct Professor of Chemistry Dr. Charles Bahn, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry Ms. Tess Corbin, Program Assistant, Science Horizons Initiative National Education Association Foundation Montana Education Association Karen Cox Foundation and President Eric Fever Sun River Electric Cooperative Rural Community Development Foundation Glacier Electric Cooperative Rural Community Development Foundation

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