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Identifying the pre-Colonial Native American Groups

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1 Identifying the pre-Colonial Native American Groups
By: Miss Tara Caudill 4th grade

2 Learning Objectives You will be able to identify the seven pre-Colonial Native American groups after this lesson. After you read all the slides, you will complete a quiz to test your knowledge about each group. Tennessee State Standard: 4.1.spi.1. identify pre-Colonial Native American groups (i.e., Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Aztec, Mayans, Olmec, Mississippi Mound Builders). NETS•S Standard: 5.Use technology tools (e.g., multimedia authoring, presentation, Web tools, digital cameras, scanners) for individual and collaborative writing, communication, and publishing activities to create knowledge products for audiences inside and outside the classroom. (3, 4)

3 Directions After reading the information on each slide, click to move to the next page. To go to the previous page, click on the button. To go to the Main Menu, click the button. To take the quiz, click the button. To return to the directions, click the button.

4 Main Menu Aztec Mayan Mississippi Mound Builders Cherokee Chickasaw
Olmec Creek

5 Aztec Indians The Aztec settled on the shores of Lake Texcoco, naming it the city of Tenochtitlan. Most of their prized items were made from feathers of the quitzal. War was the main way that the Aztec captured prisoners to sacrifice to their gods. Moctezuma I was their leader during the time that they settled from

6 Cherokee Indians The Cherokee lived in the river valleys of the southern Appalachian Mountains. Most families had 2 houses, one to keep warm in the winter and one to keep cool in the summer. There was a Cherokee Confederation where chiefs from as many as 100 villages came together to discuss important matters such as war. They also held ceremonies in their villages. The most important of these was the Green Corn Ceremony that gave thanks to good harvest after the summer had ended.

7 Chickasaw Indians The Chickasaw Indians were a tribe of great hunters and warriors. Their towns were located near the headwaters of the Tombigbee River in northeastern Mississippi. There were only about 5,000 Chickasaw Indians around in the 1600s. Their population was smaller than at least two of their neighbors, the Cherokee and Choctaw.

8 Creek Indians The Creek Indians consisted of more than one tribe of Indians. They were thought to have started as a defensive strategy against the other larger Indian tribes of the region. The Creek problem started with a battle in Lumpkin County near Slaughter Gap.

9 Mayan Indians The Mayans lived in the city of Tikal, which is one of the oldest cities known today. They built many monuments to honor rulers and to please their gods. They invented the idea of the number O to make their calendar sequenced correctly. They were the first to develop an advanced form of writing using symbols.

10 Mississippi Mound Builders
In 800 A.D., the Mississippi Mound Builders civilization was developed in the Mississippi River Valley in a place called Cahokia. They had a powerful chief who was both their priest and ruler. The powerful chief lived in a place called the Monk’s Mound. They civilization broke down in 1500 A.D.

11 Olmec Indians The Olmec Indians built one of the earliest civilizations in America. They are known as the “mother civilization”. Their most important god was the “Rain God”. They built temples on top of pyramids to live in as houses.

12 Summary You have just read about each of the seven pre-Colonial Native American groups. These groups are the Aztec, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, Mayan, Mississippi Mound Builders, and Olmec. If you are ready to take the quiz, click the forward button. If not, then go back and read through it again! Good luck!

13 Question 1: Aztec What did the Aztec Indians name their land?
Aztec City Tenochtitlan Indianville

14 You’re correct!

15 Uh-oh! Try again!

16 Question 2: Cherokee Which Cherokee Indian wrote the first alphabet?
Sequoyah Chief One Mile

17 You’re correct!

18 Uh-oh! Try again!

19 Question 3: Creek Where did the Creek problem begin? Georgia
Mississippi Lumpkin County

20 You’re correct!

21 Uh-oh! Try again!

22 Question 4: Chickasaw Where were the Chickasaw headwaters?
Mississippi River Tombigbee River Ohio River

23 You’re correct!

24 Uh-oh! Try again!

25 Question 5: Mayan What number did the Mayan Indians invent to fix their calendar? 10 4

26 You’re correct!

27 Uh-oh! Try again!

28 Question 6: Mississippi Mound Builders
Where did the Mississippi Mound Builders’ chief live? Monk’s Mound Priest’s Peak Cahokia Village

29 You’re correct!

30 Uh-oh! Try again!

31 Question 7: Olmec Who is the Olmec Indians’ most important god?
Sun god Rain god Mountain god

32 You’re correct!

33 Uh-oh! Try again!

34 Congratulations!! You have completed the quiz! This means you are able to identify all seven groups of pre-Colonial Native Americans! You should be proud of yourself!

35 Resources Harcourt Brace Social Studies: Early United States for 4th grade. Copyright 2002. Microsoft Office Clipart Aztec Indians. Cherokee Indians. Chickasaw Indians. Creek Indians. Mayan Indians. Mississippi Mound Builders. ho/ Olmec Indians.

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