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Process Automation: Better, faster, cheaper ─ Can you have all three?

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1 Process Automation: Better, faster, cheaper ─ Can you have all three?

2 Moderator Lisa Keefe, Editor, Meatingplace Process Automation: Better, faster, cheaper ─ Can you have all three?

3 David G. Gustovich Founder and Pre siden t IQity Solutions

4 Emerging Trend Meeting ExpectationsLeadersAverageLaggards Exceeding Shareholders80%60%40% Customer Service75%64%56% Product Quality72%65%53% Working Capital Reduction64%54%28% Improve Supply Chain Flexibility68%54%46% Manufacturing Cost Reduction67%51%38% Business Value Implications “The strongest performing companies are embedding automation capabilities into their business processes and institutionalizing it with an integrated technology solutions” - HBR

5 Technology Investments

6 Points to Consider Automation is not always about Equipment What are the Automation Megatrends? – Look to the OEM for clues – Yes, new equipment and conveyance, but – Connectivity functionality, built in…Why? Remote Monitoring and Services, and Use and Service Integrating the entire Value Chain, i.e. Business Processes

7 Automation Trends by OEM in Food Processing Use and Service Agreements Food Safety - Integrated Vision Systems ‘Lights-Out’ Packaging Embedded RFID Remote Monitoring & Maintenance Integrated Performance Monitoring Integrate ‘Off-Line’ Functions e.g. Quality

8 Progressive View of Automation Simplify the complexity of the manufacturing process Integrate value chain, equipment and process attributes into common platform Create operational transparency Increase real time responsiveness

9 Automation and Integration One Platform, One Model, Multiple Delivery Channels Based on industry and analytic best practices Multidimensional calculation, prebuilt templates, drill paths, contextualized help Integrated Security, User Management, Personalization Unified Enterprise Information Architecture Legacy Systems Data Warehouse Mobile DB External DB SAP, Oracle Microsoft, Infor, Custom Apps Files Excel XML Equipment / Business Process OLAP DB Powerful Visualization Interactive Dashboards Mobile Capability Microsoft Compatible Predictive Analytics Reporting & Publishing Advanced Analytics Data Integration

10 Gary McMurray Director, Food Processing Technology Division Georgia Tech Research Institute

11 Vision – To be the Technology Innovation and Development Providers that enable Georgia to be the undisputed leader in Poultry, Agribusiness, and Food Processing. Environmental Research

12 Cone Line Bone Detection System Ergonomic Work Assessment System Broken Good Time-of-flight & 3D Sensors Audio Processing Thermal Imaging & Product Profiling Imaging for Quality & Control

13 Intelligent Deboning Automatic Product Handling - Rehang High-speed Robotic Case Packer

14 Comp. Fluid Dynamics & Flow Cell Design Dynamic Filtration - Improved Separations Water Conservation Advanced Disinfection & Mixing

15 Future of Robotics and Automation

16 Where Has Robotics and Automation Been Most Successful? Automotive Electronics Food – Packaged product – Baked goods

17 What Makes Food Processing So Difficult? Product is not physically well defined Product is slippery Product is deformable Speed of tasks People think in terms of labor replacement Wash-down

18 Goal of Robotics and Automation Lot size of one – Every product is customized – Process is adapted to each product – not the product must adapt to the process – Data collection is key New Processes Equipment design – Food safety designed into every piece of equipment – Wash-down

19 Imagine a Future Where: Each product’s key parameters are measured are input Based on current market parameters, process is optimized for each individual product Process is optimized for sustainability (energy and water), food safety, yield, labor, floor space and animal welfare

20 Lee Johnson VP of Technical Operations West Liberty Foods

21 Practical Considerations for Automation


23 Automation has many forms

24 Lets Look at Ten Foot Slicing Logs







31 Questions & Answers

32 FOR MORE INFORMATION David Gustovich: Gary McMurray: Lee Johnson: Lisa Keefe: Webinar recording and PowerPoint presentation will be emailed to you within 48 hours. For more information:

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