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Finding the Right Fit Age-Friendly Community Planning Finding the Right Fit: Age-Friendly Community Planning 1.

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1 Finding the Right Fit Age-Friendly Community Planning Finding the Right Fit: Age-Friendly Community Planning 1

2 Who am I? Dr. Mary McGeown Lakehead University Centre for Education and Research on Aging & Health 807-766-7123 2

3 Why are the age-friendly movement & Finding the Right Fit important to your community? 3 20121.9 Million (14.9%) seniors in Ontario 2036 4.1 Million (25%) seniors in Ontario DOUBLE 203675+ group is projected to increase by approximately 144%

4 Age-Friendly Cities & Communities (AFC) AFC is a local policy approach for responding to demographic aging. Active Aging: emerging perspective Productive Aging departing perspective 4

5 1. Outdoor Spaces and Public Buildings 2. Transportation 3. Housing 4. Social Participation 5 World Health Organization (WHO)Domains of Age-Friendly Cities & Communities

6 5. Respect and Social Inclusion 6. Civic Participation and Employment 7. Communication and Information 8. Community Support and Health Services 6 WHO Domains of Age-Friendly Cities & Communities

7 The WHO Age Friendly Checklist is the basis for Finding the Right Fit The checklist provides a tool for self assessment and a map to chart progress. Going beyond the checklist is possible. 7

8 12 communities are members of the WHO Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities & Communities: What is Happening in Ontario Today? 8 CentralWelland West London, Waterloo, Windsor, Port Colborne EastOttawa, Kingston North Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie Francophone communities: Hearst, Noëlville, Verner

9 What is Happening in Ontario Today? 9 Central Burlington, Mississauga, Collingwood, Halton, Hamilton, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Town of Caledon, York Region West Brantford, Cambridge, Port Colborne, Welland, Erie St Claire, Guelph, Kitchener, Niagara Region, Oxford County, Petrolia, Sarnia-Lambton, Waterloo East Kawartha Lakes ; Halliburton Highlands, Peterborough. Sharbot Lake Region NorthDryden, Sudbury Many Communities have not begun Others are at various stages of the process

10 What is the Ontario Government doing to promote Age-Friendly Cities & Communities? Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005) Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors (2013) Living Longer Living Well (Dr. Samir Sinha, January, 2013). 10

11 Finding the Right Fit Age-Friendly Community Planning 11

12 Contents Section 1: Background Section 2: Using this Guide Section 3: Age-Friendly Community Dimensions Section 4: Defining Local Principles Section 5: Custom Needs Assessment Section 6: Developing an Action Plan Section 7: Implementation and Evaluation Appendix I – V, Glossary, Business Tool ‘A society for all ages is multigenerational. It is not fragmented, with youths, adults and older persons going their separate ways. Rather, it is age- inclusive, with different generations recognizing – and acting upon – their commonality of interest.’ ~ Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations 12

13 The Four Steps of the AFC Process Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 13

14 How will your community be able to use Finding the Right Fit? Community 1 Starting a local AFC initiative Read Sections 2 and 3 to learn about AFC planning, then focus on Section 4, which presents tools for starting a local AFC initiative Community 2 Developing a custom needs assessment Review the person environment fit concept and AFC dimensions (Sections 2 and 3) and read Section 5 to see how to create a custom needs assessment. Community 3 Writing Older Adult Plan Implementing Evaluating See Section 6 and 7 for resources about writing, implementing and evaluating an AFC action plan. 14

15 1. Need to understand more about the unique circumstances of rural, remote and Northern communities. 2. Older adults must be involved in all stages of the process. 3. To be successful, the AFC process must involve multiple and diverse stakeholders:  Public, private, local government, regional government, community led seniors group, academic institutions Lessons Learned AFC 15

16 4. Look for seniors to champion AFC and to build alliances both internal and external to your community. 5. Be aware of current initiatives that may contribute to AFC (e.g. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, Municipal Plans, Complete Streets, Vibrant Communities etc.). 6. Use an AFC lens to assess current policies and practices, organizations and services. Lessons Learned (cont’d) 16

17 7. Need a community wide older adult plan:  Clearly defining agreed upon underlying principles  Clearly defining roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders  Providing the framework for ongoing accountability and developing financial sustainability Lessons Learned (cont’d) 17

18 8. Financial Sustainability  Start up and core funding is critical.  Communities that have embraced the AFC process are learning the importance of realigning existing resources to address the emerging needs of active aging. 9. Decision making context  especially since 2008, makes setting priorities challenging (e.g. the competing financial needs of municipalities that are experiencing a declining industrial tax base and increased population based needs) Lessons Learned (cont’d) 18

19 Contact Information Lakehead University Centre for Education and Research on Aging & Health, (Northeast/Northwest Ontario) Mary McGeown 807-766-7123 Ruth Wilford 766-7298 19

20 University Team Northern Ontario – Lakehead University Ruth Wilford Dr. Mary McGeown Central and Eastern Ontario – McMaster University Dr. Margaret Denton Amanda Peters Western and Eastern Ontario – University of Waterloo Dr. John Lewis Mark Groulx 20

21 Additional Materials Appendix I: Key Resources Glossary of Acronyms Is Your Business Age-Friendly? Reference List 21

22 Related Web Pages Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat MAREP AFC Community Stories Website: Age Friendly World Website: Age Friendly Thunder Bay: Public Health Agency of Canada: 22

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