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1 Croeso Welcome

2 Debbie Williams Health and Social Care Lecturer/co-ordinator for the Btec National Diploma in Health and Social Care

3 Background information SEN Conversion Course RGN DiP(N) BSc (Hons) in Community Health Studies PGCE

4 Aim of this evening…. Highlight the health needs of Looked after Children Identify additional difficulties they may be experiencing Familiarise yourselves with the support network available to this vulnerable group

5 Wellbeing Children and young people who are looked after are amongst the most socially excluded groups in England and Wales Promoting the Health of Looked after Children (DOH 2002)

6 Definition of a Looked after Child Children become looked after when their birth parents are unable to provide ongoing care in either a temporary or permanent capacity. Children can either be looked after as a result of voluntary agreement by their parents or as the result of a care order.

7 What does Looked after mean introduced by the Children Act in 1989 and refers to those children and young people who are subject to a care order or accommodated

8 Over 60% have Care Orders or Interim Care Orders under section 31 of the Childrens Act 1989 (and / or on EPO under section 44 of the Childrens Act 1989) Over 30% are in care under a voluntary agreement with parents

9 The remainder are accommodated under section 21 of the Children Act 1989 - Remanded to Local Authority Care

10 National and Local Picture Approx 60,000 children/young people looked after in the UK 5,100 within Wales 175 from Conwy 165 from Denbighshire

11 Over 65% cared for by foster carers 15% - residential homes/school 10% - secure units 10% - parents/families

12 Why do children/young people become looked after? Family stresses Abuse Illness or death of parent Disabilities Hardship Behavioural problems

13 How does this feel? Sadness Confusion Loneliness Anxiety Depression Abandonment Different to everyone else Loss

14 Corporate Parenting 'Corporate parenting means the formal and local partnerships needed between all local authority departments and services, and associated agencies, who are responsible for working together to meet the needs of looked after children and young people, and care leavers.'

15 Health Needs of a Looked after Child Improving the health of looked after children is a multi-agency responsibility.

16 Prior to entering the “care system” many children will have health needs arising from  Living with families affected by drugs, alcohol or domestic violence  Trauma/abuse/neglect  Special needs  Come from highly mobile families House of Commons Select Committee on Health(1998)

17 Evidence from studies suggests neglect of routine immunisations and screening, lack of appropriate care for known acute/chronic health conditions and failure to diagnose health and mental health problems (Promoting the Health of Looked After Children DH 2002)

18 Whilst in care their health needs may be further affected by:  Frequent placement moves  Change of social worker  Change in school  Poor support  Inadequate record keeping  Poor planning

19 This results in..... Higher incidence of: Teenage pregnancies Drug and alcohol issues Serving prison sentences Prostitution Mental health problems Depression (Who Cares? Trust 2001

20 Higher incidence of: No academic qualifications on leaving care Not progressing to FE Not attending education


22 Colin's story Colin, 17, describes how he is coping after leaving care When I left care it was the right time for me because I didn't get on very well with my foster carers. But I didn't feel ready to be on my own and have a flat. So that's why I am in supported accommodation to help me with my cooking etc. And also I have been looking for a job but I have just been out of luck. I will continue to look for jobs and hand in my CVs, to earn a little more money as well. And I wish I'd stayed a bit longer at school to try and get better qualifications.

23 Support LAC Nurse Education Liaison Officers Personal Tutors Named teachers FE Support Staff – Universal services CAMHS Social Worker/Personal Advisors

24 Improvements? Improved general health GP registration Dental registration Immunisations Development of creative, sensitive flexible ways of working and supporting this vulnerable group

25 Coleg Llandrillo Personal tutor Link worker Drop in sessions Additional support available Partnership working Communication

26 The State is my Parent.... But it has:  No arms to hug me;  Or lips to kiss me;  Or eyes to see me;  Or ears to hear me.  (Voice of a child in care 1998)

27 Diolch yn fawr, noswaith dda Thank you very much, good evening

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