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Documentation and Additional Resources Alexander Mack.

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1 Documentation and Additional Resources Alexander Mack

2 Overview 1.EU-SILC Data as provided by Eurostat 2.Generating a working Dataset 3.Documentation from Eurostat 4.GESIS Services for European Microdata 5.Other Tools and Resources

3 1. EU-SILC-Data as provided by Eurostat Data are delivered on a DVD and are encrypted Software for decryption WinPT and instructions are provided with the CD The following screenshots show you what’s on the CD

4 1.Latest Eurostat DVD

5 1. Subfolder for the 2010 Cross section

6 1. Example.csv File

7 1. Documentation Subfolder

8 1.Documentation - Guidelines

9 1. Documentation – Differences between Data collected and UDB

10 1. Documentation – Problems and Modifications

11 2. Generating a working dataset The German Microdata Lab offers setups to generate SPSS and Stata files complete with variable- and value labels and a uniform coding scheme for missing values Got to: angebot/daten-analysieren/amtliche- mikrodaten/european-microdata/eu-silc/eu- silc-tools/ angebot/daten-analysieren/amtliche- mikrodaten/european-microdata/eu-silc/eu- silc-tools/ Or just google: gesis EU-SILC

12 2. GESIS Setups The setups provided by the GML: Transform EU-SILC data from.csv into.sav (SPSS) or.dta (Stata) Recode alphanumeric variables into numeric variables Recode missing values Define variables and value labels

13 2. GESIS Setups Setups are provided online and free of cost Setups currently cover SILC cross sectional data from 2005-2010 and the Panel Data from 2007 onward

14 3. Documentation from Eurostat Eurostat pages on income social inclusion and living conditions: Core page on EU-SILC which hosts additional documents such as quality reports and national questionnairesEurostat pages on income social inclusion and living conditions EU-SILC Microdata Access: Everything you need to know to file an application for data access with EurostatEU-SILC Microdata Access Eurostat Metadata on Income and Living conditions: Comprehensive Metadata on EU-SILCEurostat Metadata on Income and Living conditions Aggregate Statistics from EU-LFS: Section in the Eurostat Statistics database dedicated to EU-SILCAggregate Statistics from EU-LFS

15 3. Documentation from Eurostat Guidelines: Central reference document, but refers to data as collected not UDBGuidelines National quality reports: Document data collection in countries and whether EU guidelines were fulfilledNational quality reports EU quality reports: Integrated quality reportsEU quality reports National questionnaires Dataset description: Working report which contains information on computation of derived variablesDataset description:

16 4. GESIS Services for European Microdata European Microdata pages at GML: Offer information, links and tools pertaining to official EU microdata Provide setups for generating SPSS and Stata files for use with EU-SILC and EU-LFS The EU microdata list which will keep you posted on all matters pertaining to European Microdata The European Microdata Users conference where you can present your research and connect with likeminded scolars Starting in 2014 our Microdata information System MISSY will include Metadata for EU-LFS and EU-SILC

17 5.Other Tools and Resources EUROMOD: Tax-benefit microsimulation model which allows calculation of the effects of taxes and benefits on household incomes and work incentives (ISER)EUROMOD Net-SILC: Network for the analysis of EU-SILC. Hosts conferences and produces methodological papers on the EU-SILC.Net-SILC NSD Macrodata Guide: Organized Collection of Sources for Macro Data for Cross National ResearchNSD Macrodata Guide

18 Thank you for your attention! Questions, Comments?

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