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Huma Imad The City School Darakhshan Campus O’levels Computer Studies Teacher.

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1 Huma Imad The City School Darakhshan Campus O’levels Computer Studies Teacher

2 The principle goal of education is to create men and women Who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.” Jean Piaget

3 To apply the technology literacy and 21 st century teaching and learning skills and approaches to enhance productivity and professional practices in classroom.

4 * I will spend maximum time facilitating learning and minimum time giving direct instruction. * I will focus on enhancing student’s own creativity. I will encourage them to come up with their unique ideas in the form of Projects. * I will focus on encouraging students rather than praising.

5 * Subject : Computer Studies * Grade: O’Levels * Topic:SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) CIE Project  Subtopics:  Analysis  Design  Implementation  Testing  Documentation  Evaluation




9 Sub-TopicApproachInstructional Strategies & Tasks AnalysisEncouraging skills Listening and speaking skills Observing and monitoring skills Questioning skills I will allow students to choose project topic from a wide variety of applications. I will also encourage them to come up with their own unique idea. I will ask them to present the project proposal in the form of a Multimedia Presentation in front of the class. I will ask students to do fact finding through questionnaires, interviewing, inspection and observation. I will provide the students the Project Management Checklist which will guide them throughout the Project. Project Management Checklist I will provide the CIE Project rubric to the students so that they can work accordingly.CIE Project rubric

10 DesignGiving directions skillsI will distribute the expected steps in the form of a handout. I will share sample layouts and diagrams online. For example through uploading them on wiziq, wiki or blog. I will demonstrate the use of MS Visio using data projector. ImplementationGiving direction skills Intervening skills Encouraging skills Observing and monitoring skills I will demonstrate coding sample programs using data projector. I will monitor student’s work and will provide assistance as and when required. I will allow students to produce different coded solutions for a particular problem.

11 TestingIntervening skills Encouraging skills I will share a list of normal and abnormal data samples through LAN (local area network). To facilitate independent learning, I will encourage students to test and debug their own codes. I will provide assistance and feedback on individual basis. DocumentationListening and speaking skills I will ask students to prepare a Multimedia presentation to demonstrate the use of the software they have prepared. Later this presentation can be integrated as a help file in the software.

12 System EvaluationGiving direction skills Observing and monitoring skills I will ask the students to review their work according to CIE Project rubric to ensure that the work produced complies with the required criteria. And I will share the project assessment record card with them so that they can make improvements accordingly.CIE Project rubricproject assessment record card

13 GoalDate CompletedReflection I plan my work. I synthesize the information with the data gathered through fact finding. I evaluate the results of my actions. I identify possibilities. I ask myself questions to help me think about what I know. I organize my current knowledge. I think about my audience when I communicate what I have learned. I use my learning to establish new actions or goals. I collect the necessary information to make an informed decision. I explore options. I make choices. I make predictions about what I think I am going to learn. I formulate a plan of action to pursue my chosen option. I create opportunities. I modify my plan if new information arises that warrants a change. Title : Project Management Checklist Description : A checklist to guide students with project management. Activity to be evaluated: Software development

14 CIE Project Rubric

15 Continued





20 Project Assessment Record Card


22 Schedule: Analysis7 weeksAugust – Sept 2010 Design7 weeksOctober – Nov 2010 Implementation5 weeksNovember – Dec 2010 Testing3 weeksDec 2010- Jan 2011 Documentation2 weeksJanuary 2011 Evaluation 1 weekFebruary 2011 8 Teaching periods per week 32 minutes teaching time per period

23 Challenge 1: The main challenge is that there is limited teaching time. The period is only 35 minutes long. Solution: The solution is that I should be very organized and well prepared. I should have all the material ready before going to the class.

24 Challenge 2: It is very time consuming to allow all the students to present their individual multimedia presentations. Solution: I will allocate first 10 minutes of every class for class presentations. I will ask the students to be precise and concise in their presentations. Multimedia presentations should be no more than 3 minutes. Challenge 3: Availability of resources Solution: I will request the school administration to ensure availability of IT equipment required and club periods for successful completion of the plan.

25 Resources:  Letts study guide by Tony Rackham  Computer studies by Chris Leadbetter, Stewart Wainwright  CIE course work syllabus - CD     Computer Lab  Internet


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