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Converting Strategic Aims into Actions Stephen Golightly National Adviser.

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1 Converting Strategic Aims into Actions Stephen Golightly National Adviser

2 Aims To discuss prioritisation, recommendation setting and action planning To discuss potential barriers to effective action planning and how these may be overcome To discuss some key messages To discuss the Single Outcome Agreement and the importance of Partnership working as it relates to Strategic Assessment

3 Outcomes Appreciation of the benefits of Action Planning in Community Safety Partnerships A worthwhile learning / sharing opportunity arising from the workshop The description of a technique which should provide assistance and complement existing processes.

4 Strategic Assessment An assessment of the risk / threat posed to communities regarding crime, disorder and danger A vehicle for identification of emerging trends / future threats The opportunity to carry out horizon scanning Provides a set of prioritised recommendations which allows the Partnership to effectively plan Efficient and effective deployment of joint resources

5 Recommendations PIER, PIE, EPIC, PRICE Doesn’t matter which – local decision Must be based on the analysis of evidence Ideally delivered by Subject Experts Will form the basis of Action Planning


7 Action Planning Each recommendation should lead to one or more actions Each action should have an owner Each action plan should have a lead person to coordinate activity Recommend SMART methodology Action Plans should be regularly monitored, reviewed and actions evaluated

8 Action Plan

9 Key Issues Effective Partnership Working –Leadership –Ownership –Responsibility –Accountability Outcomes Single Outcome Agreement

10 Benefits Enhanced Partnership Working Effective Prioritisation Directed Activity which makes the difference Accountability / Audit Trail Better Outcomes for People Safer and Stronger Communities

11 Workshop 10 minutes looking at barriers / constraints to effective action planning 20 minutes syndicate working discussing actions based on example document 10 minutes completing example action plan 10 minutes reflecting on the outcome of the Workshop

12 Workshop 3 Syndicates –Syndicate 1 – Prevention Plan –Syndicate 2 – Intervention Plan –Syndicate 3 – Enforcement and Rehabilitation Plans Use post-its to write down those actions which seem most relevant for each of the recommendations You only have 20 minutes so don’t overly discuss each action – just get them down and we can discuss when we come back together

13 Good Luck!

14 Stephen Golightly National Advisor Tel:07825 768653

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