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Managing Data, Information Knowledge, & Action

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1 Managing Data, Information Knowledge, & Action
Business isn’t complicated. The complications arise when people are cut off from information they need. John F. Welch, CEO of GE

2 1. Myths More data is better. Information is a commodity
Information is knowledge.

3 2. D-I-K-A Model Concepts Data = Representations of reality
Info. = Data which provides relevant clues or news Knowledge = The framework or schema for organizing the relationships between pieces of information. Action = The deeds or decisions made based on knowledge


5 DIKA cont. Relationships Skills Data gathering Information managing
Knowledge managing Action

6 Historical Example

7 3. Variations on the model
D-I-K loop K-A loop I-A loop Others

8 4. Managing the D-I Relationship
Like a watch Timely Accurate Relevant Determine what employees really need to know Increase efficiency of transmission JITI PEI Pay attention to the form of info.

9 D-I cont. Be wary of comm. chains Generate both soft & hard data
Recognize & manage all the information networks

10 5. Managing the I-K Relationship
Consider the source’s credibility Be aware of how the hierarchy affects the flow & availability of information Acknowledge what you don’t know Create & test models and theories Organize the same info. Differently Structure informal networks

11 6. Managing the K-A relationship
50% of org. decisions never get fully implemented Create strategic knowledge-sharing communities Reevaluate the role of reports Speed up the transformation process DIK is perishable People hedge their bets People make good decisions without perfect information

12 7. Applying the D-I-K-A Model

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