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Numeracy Across the Curriculum Chris Olley

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1 Numeracy Across the Curriculum Chris Olley

2 What does it amount to?  A consistent approach across the school to support all students develop their (mental) numeracy.  A consistent mathematics across the school  Integrated problem solving involving mathematical methods

3 217 – 168 23  6 232  8 147 + 154 231  7 In your head!

4 Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics, I assure you that mine are greater.

5 Is it an add miss?  Your colleagues were taught at school to look at the operation to decide the method.  In the NNS you look at the numbers.

6 Numeracy Support  Students are practiced in ways of thinking that they have learned through the National Numeracy Strategy.  They can be quickly prompted into these ways of thinking with open questions.  Everyone can use mental methods if they can find numbers they are comfortable with.

7 Questions  “Can you see numbers close to these that would be easier to deal with?”  “Would it be easier the other way round?”  “Could you break it up and work on the bits separately?”  “Could you use doubles or halves?”  “Can you see an easier problem with the same answer as this one?”  “Would it help to jot down a number half way?”  “Would it help to use a number line?”

8 The Message  If students need to solve number problems in your lessons, support them to solve them mentally.  Don’t explain to them how you would do it … encourage them to reflect on their own knowledge about numbers.  Don’t hand them a calculator! (Plan your calculator use)

9 An Inset to the staff  Presentation at:  Ask chris@education-

10 We hate bad maths!  Which department does the most maths?  To what extent is maths done the same?  What bad maths do we want to sort out round the school?

11 Science in Maths

12 Maths in Science

13 The Handbook  Based on agreed principles  Within the maths department  Within other departments (through the NAC working group)  Examples:  Deptford Green Guide  Leicestershire NAC Policy

14 Real Problem Solving in Mathematics  Flaubert, Gustave (1821-1880) Since you are now studying geometry and trigonometry, I will give you a problem. A ship sails the ocean. It left Boston with a cargo of wool. It grosses 200 tons. It is bound for Le Havre. The mainmast is broken, the cabin boy is on deck, there are 12 passengers aboard, the wind is blowing East- North-East, the clock points to a quarter past three in the afternoon. It is the month of May. How old is the captain?

15 10cm 50cm 10cm 1cm You are a lab technician. You are required to cut the large sheet of metal into as many of the smaller strips as possible. How many can you make? Maths Solves Problems Around the School

16 Where are real problems posed ?  Biology: survival strategies in mammals  DT Textiles: Islamic Art  PHSE: smoking  Geography: demographic change  ICT: Graphics programming and geometry

17 How does it happen  Seize the moment  Curriculum mapping  Activity weeks  Maths days!  Get it in both schemes of work

18 Mechanisms  SMT support  NAC working group  Inset time, departmental meeting time, staff meeting time  Access to assemblies, tutor groups, newsletters, poster campaigns  Timetabling input

19 The Development Plan  I suggest 3 items:  Support mental maths  Ensure accurate maths practices  Maximise opportunities for cross curricula working  Staffing, allocated time, responsibility, success criteria, monitoring, specified timescale, costs. (This is the draft policy)

20 Implementing the plan  Meetings schedules:  NAC working group  Maths department meetings  Other department meetings  Whole school inset  Staff meetings  Assemblies  Book your slots in July!

21 Policy into Practice  Meeting 1: agree an implementation strategy and success criteria.  Meeting 2: review practice and modify.  Meeting 3: finalise practice and agree for policy document.  Book all 3 in advance...

22 Outcomes  A clearly stated simple policy  Appropriate documents to support the policy  How to support mental maths  A good maths guide  for teachers  for students  Cross curricula projects in department schemes of work

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