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Velos eResearch Bulk Application Training

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1 Velos eResearch Bulk Application Training

2 What is a Bulk Account? A bulk account is the mechanism used to charge Medical Center services to your study. A bulk account is required if: There are services billable to your study AND These services will be performed at a Medical Center location (there will be charges in Epic) If all of your services will be provided at School of Medicine or other non Medical Center locations, a bulk account is not required.

3 Transition to Velos Moving the bulk application process to Velos has a number of improvements: TRANSPARENCY! Everything is electronic – no more saving copies of spreadsheets and ing back and forth All changes to your application are tracked Improved communication – automatic notification when Laboratory or Imaging has approved your application or has questions Automatic notification when the “99” bulk number is created for your study Bulk applications will be associated with your study in Velos – everything is in the CTMS Forms can be worked on concurrently You are IN CONTROL!

4 Bulk Application Forms in Velos
The current Bulk Application spreadsheet was segregated into 4 forms in Velos: Bulk Account Information Form Bulk Account Laboratory Form Bulk Account Imaging Form Bulk Account Billing Form For a new bulk account application, all four forms must have all mandatory fields populated and be saved as either: “Completed” for forms that DO NOT require approval (Bulk Information/Billing Form) or “Approved”/“Not Required” for the forms that DO require approval (Bulk Laboratory/Imaging Form) For changes to an approved bulk application, only the form with the information that must be changed has to be completed.

5 Form Status Matrix

6 Bulk Account Information Form

7 Bulk Account Information Form Continued

8 Bulk Account Lab Form – Laboratory Services

9 Bulk Account Lab Form – Anatomical Pathology

10 Bulk Account Imaging Form

11 Bulk Account Billing Form

12 More to Come in the Future
Please remember this is the 1st version of the process in Velos Keep track of any suggestions for improvement This will only get better! Things to come in the future Summary status reports Skipping forms that aren’t needed Pre-population of information across forms Real time notification of changes (versus next day)

13 Other Important Information
For a color version of this document, please visit: Please note that you are responsible for reconciling charges on your bulk account in Epic Contact EMR Access to get access to the charge router WQ (if your study has a CA) and access to bulk reports in Epic If you require a custom requisition form for Laboratory services, please contact Dea Butterfield once you have your “99” bulk number Custom requisitions are only good for 1 year


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