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ØKO-Ø - small carbon composite ferries Henrik Riisgaard 1.12.2011 Seminar 10.

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1 ØKO-Ø - small carbon composite ferries Henrik Riisgaard 1.12.2011 Seminar 10

2 Two MARKIS organizers for this session: Henrik Riisgaard, Teaching Associate Professor, Aalborg University Environment, innovation, networks, policy (No maritime background) Gitte Nørgaard Business Development Consultant Frederikshavn

3 Markis platform Innovation Competence enhancement Communication Transnational collaboration } For sustainable maritime Development in Kattegat & Skagerak

4 Agenda for the next 120 minutes Introduction and MARKIS perspective: + Organisational aspects in a triple helix set-up - Involving stakeholders and overcoming barriers Henrik Riisgaard, Aalborg University Design and technical specifications Niels Kyhn Hjørnet, Niels Hjørnet - Yacht Design & Composite Engineering Small Break (?) Innovative Environmental Friendly Ferry Construction from a Shipowner’s Perspective Mats Hjortberg, Coriolis AB Handling of fire risks in composite ships Tommy Hertzberg, Head of Section, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden Discussion

5 The idea is:  To work out a basis for comparing a smaller passenger ferry built of carbon composite and steel.  life cycle costs  environmental impact  To inspire shipowners and naval architects to consider modern materials for ship building when fuel consumption and environmental impact have high priority. The aim of the Øko-Ø ferry project

6 June 2010: Three small Danish companies share a common interest for small composite ferries Dec. 2010 1st MARKIS Conference: The Danish companies meet Swedish Experts Spring 2011 Three meetings clarified the idea, identified partners and drafted project activties May 2011 Application from 8 partners (DK+SE) incl. 18 letters of interest. Budget 3,66 M DKK Autumn 2011: Funding from: Västra Götaland Region Danish Maritime Fund Private participants Project starts Timeline for the Øko-Ø Ferry What if similar advanced techniques were applied to ensure environmental improvements in mainstream segments? As if environmental impacts matter (Lead user innovation made possible by the navy and luxury superyachts)

7 Triple helix innovation Søfartsstyrelsen Västra Götaland Region Sv. Transportstyrelsen Frederikshavns Erhvervsråd Danish Yachts Hauschildt Marine Niels Hjørnet Yacht Design Coriolis AB Kockums AB Aalborg University. SP Technical Research 2.-0 LCA consultants Authorities Research Private industry

8 Ewen wider interests from outside the triple helix Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Sektionen for Skibe, Kyster og Konstruktioner Brancheforeningen Plastindustrien, Kompositdivisionen Småøernes Færgeselskaber Europas Maritime Udviklingscenter, Martec – Maritime Training and Education Centre Högskolecentrum Bohuslän DIAB aps Region Nordjylland Eco-council Danish Environmental Protection Agency Chalmers Kockums

9 Project organization for ”ØKO-Ø Færge” project U = Projektudførende K = Konsulent F = Fundraiser Steering group: Niels Hjørnet Yacht Design Hauschildt Marine A/S Danish Yachts A/S Frh Erhvervsråd F Odder Kommune K DAY U NHY U SP FIRE U Coriolis K DIAB K LCA CONSULTANTS -U HM U AAU F Followers on the sideline: DTU Plast industrien DK Chalmers Västtraffik Styrsjöbolaget Kockums Småøernes færgeselskaber Miljøstyrelsen Det økologiske råd PF Trading Discussion partners: Søfartsstyrelsen Danmark Transportstyrelsen Sverige

10 Four outputs from Øko-Ø: 1. A general arrangement, scantling, propulsion calculation, specification for a carbon composite ferry. 2. Rule 17 analysis. Which alternative constructions and arrangements are necessary to get approval for a small displacement lightweight composite ferry? 3. Life Cycle Cost analysis. Assessing total cost of ownership and pay-back time for extra initial costs (design and construction) 4. Life Cycle Assessment – mapping environmental inputs and outputs throughout the whole life time of the ferry and an assessment of the environmental impacts of these. Special attention to the importance of material choice for changed environmental profile. = No real ferry, only paper

11 Not a commercial project -No ferry is actually constructed (the reference ferry was just bought) -All materials and analysis will be publicly available -Maximum dissimination of results and publicity The real anticipated outcome: -Change of perspective among shipowners and authorities -Competence building in industry -Capacity building in Danish authorities -The basis for a follow-up commercial project (=real ferries)

12 Contact Project leader: Jens Otto Sørensen, Danish Yachts Henrik Riisgaard, Aalborg University: Danish Yachts on youtube: Gitte/Christine 2011.06.07

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