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THE ABANDONED Service above self. A long-term Rotary Project Service above self.

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1 THE ABANDONED Service above self

2 A long-term Rotary Project Service above self

3 Initiators: Tallinn International Rotary Club, Tallinn, Estonia Karis/Karjaa Rotary Club, Karis, Finland Umeå RotaryklubbUmeåSweden Norway Denmark Germany

4 Service above self In Estonia there is a group of children that tends to be forgotten - children who have been abandoned by their parents due to alcohol and other drug abuse. In Tallinn and surrounding the situation today is getting better with the help of the society and foreign aid - in the countryside, however, the situation is mostly very bad. Especially in the eastern regions with a big Russian speaking population the need for help is big. Without education and the Estonian language, abandoned Russian speaking children grow up without nationality or any perspectives for their future. Background:

5 Service above self

6 Private initiative is rare but there are exceptions: Maria Minhof is an Ukrainian woman who is running a orphanage in Tudulinna, East Estonia. She has as the Estonian “Mother Theresa” devoted her life to taking care of abandoned children. Maria adopts children and is until now the “mother” of 28 children, the youngest being 9 months old. Maria operates the orphanage in her private home. There is hope:

7 Service above self Where?

8 Service above self Where?

9 Service above self There is hope:

10 Service above self Maria, who is Russian speaking, also speaks fluent Estonian and some Finnish. She teaches the children the Estonian language and sends them all to local Estonian schools. Tallinn International Rotary Club has over a number of year supported Maria and her children with clothes, toys, a washing machine, a TV-set and other essential commodities. Providing Birthday cakes and Christmas presents has become a Rotarian tradition. Now it is time to take the next step. What has been done?

11 Service above self Maria

12 Service above self The orphanage:

13 Service above self The children get 100 – 150 € per month for food, clothing and other necessities from the government. Maria has a state pension of 190 € per month. Piano lessons cost 60 € per month. The situation today

14 Service above self

15 There are two main fields where help is needed: 1. Short term there is urgent need for renovation of the house and completion of a shed with additional bedrooms. What has to be done?

16 Service above self Short term

17 Service above self 2. Long term The children grow older and the oldest have already reached the age when it’s soon time leave “home”. Before leaving home they need education or training for a job in order to be able to support themselves. The region has an unemployment rate exceeding 60 %. Alcoholism and drug abuse is very common. What has to be done?

18 Service above self First to leave the nest Alexander is 15 and has two years left before he will leave home. He is doing ok in School. ”but sometimes I am a bit lazy”. Alexander is dreaming of a good job - he would love to work with computers.

19 The challenge We, the initiators, have taken the challenge to help Maria and her children. Now we are looking for support from our domestic as well as our international Rotary sisters and brothers. Can you find someone in your club who is prepared to sign up as an evangelist for the project?

20 Service above self Coordinators: Ilvi Joe-Cannon Tallinn International Rotary Club - Nils-Gustav”Nile” Höglund Karis/Karjaa Rotary Club -

21 Service above self

22 Forma arbetsgrupp för genomförande Möte i Tallinn med Ilvi Joe-Cannon (President Tallinn international Rotary Club verksamhetsåret 2007-2008) Ilvi Cannon - Acting Administrative Director

23 Bestämma projektets omfattning Juridiska förutsättningar Byggtekniska förutsättningar Finansiella förutsättningar Personella tillgångar Internationalisering

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