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2012-2013 Meeting the Needs of 2 nd Grade’s High- Ability and High- Achieving Students.

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1 2012-2013 Meeting the Needs of 2 nd Grade’s High- Ability and High- Achieving Students

2 Overview As 2 nd grade teachers, there are many opportunities to meet the needs of students who are high-ability or high-achieving. Next year, we will continue to work to include these opportunities in:  Projects  Stations  Homework  Technology

3 Projects Depending on the project and the class interests, there are extension opportunities readily available throughout the course of the project.  For example-, Farmer’s Market (money), Space Night (movie making), Cookbooks (measurement and sequencing), Lemonade Day (animal research) Students work in groups and have assigned or chosen positions in those groups that include being the :  Station Leaders  Project Managers

4 Communication Presentations throughout the year  Town Hall Meetings  Presentations of what is happening in 2 nd grade  Announcements  Community visitors  Connections to project  Presenting our needs/ goals  Projects- Project Managers  Farmer’s Market- product design and creation  Promote the Vote- community connections  Healthy Cookbooks- recipe substitutions and sales  Lemonade Day- Animal research and sales

5 Stations Each day in second grade, the students rotate through 8 stations.  Four Language Arts stations in the morning  Four Math/ Project stations in the afternoon In each station, there is a task or activity to complete either within that day or within that week. The activities are set up to meet the needs of many different learners.

6 Reading  Leveled readers and comprehension packets or activities related to the reading.  Usually connected to a 20-30 minute whole group lesson before stations begin.  Connected to project Self-Selected Reading  AR books and quizzes on students’ reading levels Working with Words  Each week includes a regular 2 nd grade list and a challenge list  The challenge list includes words above grade level and connected to our project Writing  Rubric  Extension activities

7 Math Math Journal  Connected to EM series Project Connection  Apply the skill or concept to a real-life situation in our project  For example, while studying money, they practiced giving change with play money for particular purchases. Skill Application  The skill from EM is applied in a real-life situation, game or extended to the next level.

8 Math cont… Everyday Math Online  Skill practice online  Grade levels can vary based on the skill and students’ needs DIBELS  Skills/ concepts  Patterns  Quantity discrimination  Adding and Subtracting with regrouping and borrowing  Math Facts

9 Science/ Health and Social Studies Often applied during stations or project time Community connections often create opportunities to expand on a skill or concept Reading during LA stations based on reading level

10 Homework Modified for needs of students Spelling-Challenge list  Spelling City Math focused on same skill and concept with the class, but at 3 rd grade level and up Read 20 minutes each night  AR leveled readers

11 Technology 2 nd Grade Expectation  Microsoft Word  Size, font, color, writings  PowerPoint  Our website This year, some 2 nd graders learned or mastered:  PREZI  Microsoft Publisher  Windows Movie Maker  Google Earth  Audacity  Microsoft Word  Insert pictures, paragraphing

12 Questions? Thank you for attending!

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