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Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Evita 4. Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Ventilation üAutoFlow ® üBIPAP* üAPRV üATC üPPS üNIV Monitoring üRespiration üSPO 2 üCO 2 Ventilation.

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Presentation on theme: "Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Evita 4. Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Ventilation üAutoFlow ® üBIPAP* üAPRV üATC üPPS üNIV Monitoring üRespiration üSPO 2 üCO 2 Ventilation."— Presentation transcript:

1 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Evita 4

2 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Ventilation üAutoFlow ® üBIPAP* üAPRV üATC üPPS üNIV Monitoring üRespiration üSPO 2 üCO 2 Ventilation at a Glance: Powerful and Easy

3 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Operation Panel üSwivel mounted üEasy to detach üCentral rotary knob üTouch screen üInteractive device check üStart settings Maneuvers üP.01 üPEEPi (all modes) üR and C üLoops, trends üLogbook Ventilation at a Glance: Powerful and Easy

4 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor User oriented üIdeal bodyweight setting üConfigurable start settings üOnly active parameters displayed üAutomatic online calibration of Flow and O 2 üHelp function Additional value üPower back up üOpen real time - data interface üOpen for new developments üVersatile udates and upgrades since 1995 Ventilation at a Glance: Powerful and Easy

5 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Front Panel üSwivel mounted –to reduce reflections –to adapt to place and persons –for access to the patient system üCompact, close to basic unit üSealed unit, no openings üEasy to clean and disinfect üMore than 3m connection cable integrated üRail connector for standard rail Operation: Easy Steps... Safe Therapy

6 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Configurability meet clinical needs üStandby / interactive device check üfocus on the important information, e.g. only the mode specific functions are displayed üa full size real time curve and four monitoring parameters are always visible üdifferent monitoring parameters and curves can easily be selected and preconfigured complexity is reduced by a clear structure and by selections for needs of the hospital less training and safe handling Operation: Optimized for the Situation

7 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Customers Value üStart procedure üIdeal body weight setting üGuided interactive device check üStandby üConfigurable start ventilation mode üConfigurable start parameter üConfigurable standard settings and alarms üAutomatic online calibration of sensors üHelp-function Power on - Easy Start

8 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Volume strategy üIPPV / CMV IPPV Assist / AC) üSIMV üMMV Pressure strategy üBIPAP / BIPAP Assist (PCV+ / PCV+ Assist ) üAPRV üASB (Psupp) Ventilation therapy - Overview

9 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Room to Breathe üBIPAP (PCV+) üAPRV üAutoFlow (IPPV/SIMV/MMV) üATC üPPS Additional Modes üNIV / Mask Ventilation üILV Ventilation therapy - Overview

10 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Continuity throughout all modes Automatic Tube Compensation ATC Apnea ventilation except with IPPV / MMV Flow-trigger Easy to adjust:frequency f, inspiration time T insp Resistance and compliance-calculation Intrinsic-PEEP measurement P0.1 - occlusion pressure Ventilation therapy - Overview

11 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Adjustments VT, Freq., T insp, O 2, Flow, PEEP Monitoring From resistance to intrinsic PEEP Loops and trends for diagnosis e.g. SIMV Safe handling User guidance with direct acknowledgement Ventilation therapy - Conventional Volume Ventiation

12 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Volume Strategy SIMV AutoFlow PAW high - alarm Flow-trigger Apnea ventilation Ventilation therapy - Easy to Adjust

13 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Pressure Strategy BIPAP / PCV+ VTi high - alarm Flow-trigger Apnea ventilation Ventilation therapy - Easy to Adjust

14 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Room to breathe - What does it mean? üDecelerating flow to reduce peak pressures and to optimize gas distribution üVentilation - easier and less invasive üEarly spontaneous breathing in volume- and pressure oriented ventilation Room to breathe - Customer value üno relaxation, less sedation übetter alveolar recruitment üless shunt, less dead space ventilation übetter venous return üweaning is enhanced Ventilation Therapy - Room to Breathe

15 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor AutoFlow üautomatic regulation of flow to meet changing lung conditions and spontaneous breathing üpressure peaks are cut off automatically VT is maintained at minimum pressure level üless sedation and less alarms with spontaneous breathing patients üless adjustments to adapt ventilation to active patients AutoFlow - To use with? ü IPPV/CMV - SIMV - MMV Ventilaton therapy - Room to Breathe

16 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Beatmungstherapie - Room to Breathe MMV AutoFlow / ATC ü Minute ventilation garanteed ü Patient only gets the necessary mandatory support ü Mandatory frequency is reduced proportionally to spontaneous minute ventilation ü automatic Weaning

17 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor BIPAP / PCV+ ü True pressure controlled ventilation combined with spontaneous breathing on both pressure levels ü optimized in- and exspiratory trigger BIPAP/PCV+ - Customer value One Mode from intubation to weaning Higher patient comfort less Alarms, easy to use Ventilation therapy - Room to Breathe

18 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor APRV üSpontaneous breathing under CPAP with brief release periods üSuitable for patients with poor gas exchange üNormal lung areas are emptied üSlow lung areas change volume to a lesser extent ü optimized recruitment Ventilation therapy - Room to Breathe

19 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor ATC üIncreased patient comfort üImproved synchronisation in assisted ventilation üThe electronic extubation helps to predict weaning success üThe tracheal pressure is beeing monitored without usage of a measurement catheter Ventilation therapy - Room to Breathe

20 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor PPS üPressure support proportional to patient effort üPPS follows spontaneous volume and flow üPPS gives the weak patient the necessary strength to breathe üEven weak patients with R&C changes can control breathing and the ventilator Ventilation therapy - Room to Breathe Volumen Assist + Flow Assist + PEEP = Atemwegsdruck OPTION

21 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor NIV üNIV adapted monitoring and alarms üNIV optimimised, automatic leakage compensation üUnmistakable colour scheme üSame high end performance as in tube mode üAdditional vent mode BIPAP Assist / PCV+ Assist Ventilation therapy - NIV / Mask ventilation OPTION

22 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Monitoring of values, curves, loops or trends Pre-configurable to meet clinical standards/needs Standard üO 2 üPressure üFlow üVolume Optional üCO2 üSpO2 Monitoring - Extended Application Range

23 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Intrinsic PEEP ülung status information available in every mode üauto stop of measurements if pressure increases (mes. time 1) or flow becomes zero (mes. time 2) üimproved monitoring of inverse ratio ventilation (IRV) Øextended application with respect to modes and lung conditions Extended Application Range

24 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Occclusion Pressure P0.1 üavailable in all modes üautoscaling of time axis üscreen freeze with cursor function for detailed analysis üdetermines neuromuscular drive early indication of fatigue levels üsupport for optimum weaning protocols Extended Application Range

25 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Weaning - Indices üRSB - Rapid Shallow Breathing Index üRSB = f / Vt üNIF - Negative Inspiration Force üVt ASB = Volume inhaled during ASB stroke Extended Application Range

26 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Loops üThroughout all modes üLoops and settings simultaneous üPressure, flow, volume, CO2 and tracheal pressure üZoom - Big Loop! üReference Loop üLoop cursor to measure upper and lower inflection point Extended Application Range

27 Datum/Dateinamen/Autor Trends ü8 pre-configurable parameters over 24 h ü2 trends simultaneous üCursor function Logbook üAll alarms and events listed üBackground alarms listed üMarker for background alarms üAlarm silence ON and OFF listed Trends - Logbook

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