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1 The Materials are:  Reading : School Activities  Introductory There  Vocabulary  Writing.

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1 1 The Materials are:  Reading : School Activities  Introductory There  Vocabulary  Writing

2 2 The bell was ringing. It was time for Adi’s class to have Physics in the laboratory. They enjoy studying Physics in the laboratory. They have chances to use the apparatus like flashes, pipettes, test tubes, and to make simple experiments.

3 3 Adi was in the same group as Rita. They also wore white uniform – called a lab coat – like the others. They prepared the apparatus very carefully since they were made of glass. The teacher was distributing the work sheet when suddenly she heard a little scream.

4 4 It was from Adi. He was not so careful that the test tube knocked on the table, broke a little and cut his finger. The teacher took care of him soon.

5 5 1.Who got a little accident? a.Rita b.The girl c.The teacher d.Adi

6 6 2.Why should the students be careful in using the apparatus in the lab? Because …. a.the apparatus is made of glass b.they have to do the experiments c.the uniform is white d.the apparatus is dangerous

7 7 3.What does the passage tell us? a.The carrying out of the laboratory experiment. b.The busy and careless students in the classroom. c.The preparation of Physics laboratory class. d.The experiment of Physics class.

8 8 4.He was not so careful that the test tube knocked on the table, … (Paragraph two) The underlined word refers to … a.Rita b.Adi c.A student d.The teacher

9 9 Introductory “There”  Definition Digunakan untuk menunjukkan keberadaan (+) atau ketidak beradaan (-) orang-orang atau benda.

10 10 The Function The Function  Untuk mengumunkan / melaporkan suatu peristiwa (event). 1.There will be a football competition tomorrow morning. 2.There was an English contest at my school last month. 3.There were two kids near my house yesterday.

11 11  Untuk bentuk tunggal kata benda bisa dihitung, there is/ there was digunakan 1.There is a letter for you. 2.There is no more people in the office. 3.There was a phone call for you last night. 4.There was a man standing in front of your house yesterday.

12 12  Untuk benda yang tidak dapat dihitung, there is/there was dapat juga digunakan 1.There is a little coffee left in the jar. 2.There is some money in my wallet. 3.There was some sugar in the bowl. 4.There was a little tea in his glass.

13 13  Diikuti oleh bentuk jamak (plural form) benda yangdapat dihitung (countable noun) 1.There are three new students in this school. 2.There are some children in the field. 3.There are a lot of people in the meeting room. 4.There are some new English teachers in my school.

14 14 1.... a farewell party for us in Puncak next June. a.There is b.It will c.There will be d.There was

15 15 2.A:... a good film on TV last night. B: Oh yeah. I slept early, so I didn’t watch it. a.There is b.It was c.It is d.There was

16 16 3.S: … a lot of water in the sea. A: Absolutely yes. a.There was b.There is c.There are d.There were

17 17 4.Adi and Mat are talking on the phone. Adi: Where are you? Mat: I am at the bookstore.... many people around here. a.There was b.There is c.There are d.There were

18 18 5.… any good programs on TV last night, so I turned it down and went to bed. a.There were b.There are not c.There are d.There were not


20 20 1. Dodi: Who is that man, Jali ? Jali: He is our neighbor, Mr. Burhan. Dodi: What is he doing for living ? Jali: He is a …. He works in a hospital. He operates on sick people. a.nurse d.surgeon

21 21 2.X : Do you know those two …? Y : Yes, they are Dedy Mizwar and Didi Petet. a.writers b.actors c.poets d.singers

22 22 3.The person who manages a library is called a.… a.writer b.composer c.librarian d.pedestrian

23 23 4.In the office, my sister types letters, answers telephone calls and does other office work. My sister is …. a.a director operation c.a secretary d.a typist

24 24 5.Joni: Where does Mr. Suryanto go ? Jono: He goes to the harbour. He works in a ship, and often goes abroad for months. Joni: What does he do ? Jono: He is a …. b.tailor c.sailor d.policeman

25 25 W R I T I N G

26 26 1.1. Yes sir. Have you got an account with this bank? 2. Good morning. I’d like to transfer one million rupiahs to my daughter in Bali. 3. Good morning, Sir. What can I do for you? 4. Yes, here’s my saving book. The correct order of the dialogue is …. a.2-4-1-3 b.2-3-1-4 c.3-4-2-1 d.3-2-1-4

27 27 2.1. Do you have any? 2. Four badminton rackets. 3. Can I help you, sir? 4. Yes, I do. How many do you need? 5. Yes, I need some rackets. The good dialogue is … a.3-5-4-1-2 b.3-5-1-2-4 c.3-5-1-4-2 d.1-4-2-3-5

28 28 3.Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph. 1. Almost all the roads in big cities are very busy. 2. We must look to the left and right. 3. We must be careful before crossing the road. 4. If the road is free we can cross it safely. The good arrangement is …. a.1-2-3-4 b.1-3-2-4 c.1-3-4-2 d.3-2-4-1

29 29 4.Arrange these sentences to make a good paragraph! 1. Rose is a nickname. 2. She likes flower. 3. The name Rose was given by her father. 4. Her proper name is Rosida. 5. One of flower that she like most is Rose. a.1-2-3-4-5 b.1-4-2-5-3 c.4-1-3-2-5 d.2-3-5-1-4

30 30 5.Rearrange these jumbled sentences into a good order! 1. He plays football very well. 2. They like him very much. 3. He has a lot of friends. 4. Roby Darwis is my neighbor. 5. Because he is a good football player. 6. He is Persib Bandung football player. a.6-4-3-2-1-5 b.6-4-1-3-2-5 c.4-6-3-2-1-5 d.4-6-1-3-2-5

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