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Mrs Lee Cheng Ean Associate University Librarian (Resources)

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1 Mrs Lee Cheng Ean Associate University Librarian (Resources)
E-Services & Adoption of Mobile Technologies by Academic Libraries in Singapore Mrs Lee Cheng Ean Associate University Librarian (Resources)

2 Participants Profile 8 responses

3 Provision of E-Services

4 Provision of E-Services
Top 3 e-services launched/in progress: Discovery Service Online Information Literacy Programme Online Reference Services Top 3 e-services with no/future plan: Webinars Live Chat Services Online Payment

5 Provision of E-Services
Online Reference Services are offered through e-forms Live Chat Services were discontinued due to low demand Majority use EDS as their Discovery Service Other e-services: Enquiry Management System Digital Repository Mobile Apps

6 Handheld Devices Used

7 Provision of Mobile Services

8 Provision of Mobile Services
Top e-services launched/in progress: Mobile Databases – ALL OPAC - Mobile Version – ALL Mobile Apps QR Codes Mobile Library Collections Mobile Social Media: Facebook Other mobile technology: Mobile Discovery Services Mobile Room Booking Top e-services with no/future plan: Mobile Text Quizzes – ALL Mobile Text Surveys Mobile Phone Location Finding / GPS Mobile Social Media: Foursquare Mobile Tour iTunes U or Podcasts

9 Challenges

10 Objectives of Mobile Initiatives
Other objectives: Increase accessibility/availability 24 x7, anytime, anywhere Promote innovative teaching and learning methods University's strategic directions

11 Best Practices/Innovative Mobile Applications
Clinic sessions to assist users for configuring library e-resources on the mobile devices Outreach initiatives Place mobile devices at common area Push technology to keep patrons informed about library services, resources, activities and events Highlight resources accessible through mobile platform Mobile discovery services Mobile app, e.g. Library-on-the-Go Teach information literacy skills Access to current news Organize photo competition through Facebook's Likes

12 Comments & Suggestions
Availability of training and exposure to recent mobile applications Online services should be designed to be accessible on PCs and various mobile devices, as no clear distinction between online and mobile currently Patron confused with different methods and login accounts for mobile services offered by vendors Library to offer mobile services that is more secure due to privacy

13 Examples of NUS

14 Examples of NTU

15 Examples of SMU

16 Comments? Feedback? Questions?


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