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The Effects On Society of E-commerce

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1 The Effects On Society of E-commerce
1.1 – Social Implications

2 Objectives Understanding the effects of society on e-commerce.

3 The Effects on Society of E-commerce
E-commerce is on of the most important developments in business in recent times. It has had a dramatic effect on both commercial industry and society. You will now examine the social implications of e-commerce.

4 The Effects on Society of E-commerce
E-commerce has several impact on business, including the need to change business practices and operations so as to take the advantage of the benefits of e-commerce. Customers need to trust the e-commerce site and see the advantage of buying through e-commerce.

5 Changing Customer Perspective
The main issue with e-commerce is the customer’s perspective of on-line trading. Scare stories in the media worn potential customers about identify theft, items not being delivered and other reasons not to trust buying on-line.

6 Changing Customer Perspective
One of the toghest hurdles that e-commerce business have to overcome is to prove that they can be trusted. A website should attract more customers if it promises: Value Service Ease Security

7 Changing Customer Perspective
Value – Not just offering lower prices than high street stores, but also products that are not available elsewhere. Service – the majority of websites offer a 24-hour delivery time for small additional cost. Ease – Open 24/7 and accessible from home. E-commerce is relatively effortless for the customer; customer may find it easier to locate products using a website’s search facilities rather than searching in a store.

8 Changing Customer Perspective
Security – there are a number of ways to protect customers and websites should ensure that they adopt these to reassure their customers.

9 Activity Conduct a survey with people of different age. What is their opinion of e-commerce? Do thy trust it? Collect relevant data and make notes for future reference. Present your findings to your group, showing any trends that relate to age.

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