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AES Specialties Contractors Ceramic Cover Systems 100 Photo Album.

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1 AES Specialties Contractors Ceramic Cover Systems 100 Photo Album

2 Ceramic Cover 100 Benefits Easy Application with standard Spray Equipment Latex based Can be applied on hot surfaces without plant shutdown Easy to repair and maintain Saves thermal energy and space Facilitates visual inspection of hot surfaces Non-combustible and low flame spread Reduces temperatures in work areas for personnel protection Chemical resistant Protects against corrosion Sound dampening effect Limited surface preparation is necessary Superior adhesion Outstanding flexibility Can be top-coated with polyurethane, epoxy and waterborne coatings Impressive references Comprehensively tested at independent laboratories

3 Sample Bucket of CC-100

4 Sample pipe of conventional vs. CC-100 Fiberglass is difficult to seal Very Durable – Damage resistant Easily damaged Waterproof and a Vapor Barrier Promotes corrosion due to chloride content Will not affect indoor air quality Difficult to maintain vapor barrier Very chemical resistant against acids, bases Must be removed for inspection of substrate and retards microbial growth. Smoke and Flame spread 25 and 50 Can be easily repaired Not chemical resistant Class A fire rated Can affect indoor air quality Eliminates under insulation corrosion Must be jacketed if used outdoors or in wet areas Aesthetically pleasing appearance and can be tinted most colors or top-coated. No VOCs.

5 Industrial and Commercial Uses Tanks Rotary Dryers Piping Duct work Kilns Digesters Chillers Steam Lines Reactors Heat Exchangers Roofs Boilers Dust Collectors/Baghouses

6 Steam Condensate Piping at GE Appliance Park

7 Under Insulation Corrosion Problems Under insulation corrosion is a multi billion dollar problem every year for the chemical and petroleum industry. Fiberglass and Mineral Wool insulation contain approximately 1500 ppm of chlorides in their chemical make up. Chlorides mixed with moisture due to condensation, weather or poor installation creates a corrosive mixture that aggressively attacks both carbon steel and stainless steel. Conventional insulation that contains moisture also runs the risk of microbial contamination and indoor air quality problems. Conventional insulation will allow moisture to collect on the surface of the substrate due to environmental conditions. Ceramic Cover 100 if environmental conditions cause moisture to form it forms on the CC-100 not on the metal surface thus eliminating corrosion.

8 Under insulation corrosion on chilled water piping with fiberglass insulation removed

9 Hot water storage tank at Florida Distillers

10 Sherry mixing tank at Florida distillers

11 MSD Cold Box Sprayed from Crane Basket

12 Alcoa Warrick Lime Silo CC-100 for Condensation Control

13 Griffin Industries Rotary Dryer


15 Smart Paper Hamilton, OH. Rotary Dryer CC-100 for Insulation and Corrosion Protection

16 Architectural and Commercial Uses Indoor spiral or exposed duct work Roof top duct work Exposed concrete or metal ceilings and walls Tilt up concrete panels CMU walls Metal buildings Build green roof coating for energy conservation Fresh air intakes plenums

17 Cooling Air Ducts at Gates Rubber Belt Plant

18 CC-100 on cooling ducts to prevent condensation and increase chiller energy savings

19 Front of gym tilt up panels coated with CC-100

20 Tilt up panels at Central State Hospital coated with CC-100

21 Exterior Duct work at First Presbyterian Church in Lexington, KY.

22 CC-100 for insulation on the underside of metal deck at Churchill Downs Phase II

23 Churchill Downs Phase II

24 University of Louisville Visual Arts School ceiling – CC-100 applied for insulation. Ceiling is concrete slab with parking garage above.

25 U of L School of Visual Art ceiling CC-100 tinted to match architects color Benjamin Moore Paints Cape Hateras Sand. Project was coordinated with GC to work around finishes and lighting in place while coated.

26 CC-100 above drop ceiling for condensation control due to conditioned space above at Churchill Downs Phase II

27 Lexington Legends Ball Park – Makers Mark Grill & Bar 20 mils of CC-100 on precast concrete for insulation value

28 Owner wanted to use bar & grill all year around, but had trouble heating the area during the winter months. CC-100 solved their problems

29 CC-100 was top coated with latex green interior paint to match customer interior

30 Prefabrication Made Easy Prefabrication of duct work in sheet metal fabricators shop then delivered to job and installed. Install CC-100 to rotary dryer in shop then shipped by rail to Mexico. Install CC-100 to skid work in mechanical contractors shop for shipment to jobsite and installation.

31 Ease of application and durability of CC-100 allow for work to be prefabricated and installed later saving valuable time.

32 Duct work coated with 40 mils prior to installation by mechanical contractor.

33 AMACO-BP dryer coated in Louisville Dryers shop being loaded onto a rail car for shipment to Mexico.

34 Before Picture - Horizontal Cooker at Morgan foods

35 After Photo – Morgan Foods Horizontal cooker Recovery of Investment of Approx. 9 Months.

36 Large rotary dryer for Louisville Dryer coated in their shop for shipment to China.

37 Skid Chilled Water Condenser Unit for Debra-Kempel Inc.

38 Debra-Kempel Inc. skid for Honda Motor Corp.

39 Hot Water Heater at Morgan Foods

40 Two Hot Water Heaters at Morgan Foods.

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