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Introducing: Hybrid Pure Chrome Product Information 2008 Phone: (888) 573-3581.

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1 Introducing: Hybrid Pure Chrome Product Information 2008 Phone: (888) 573-3581

2 Introducing: Hybrid Pure Chrome Environmentally Friendly Plating Process Pure Chrome is a revolutionary new chrome finish that simulates the look of traditional chrome, while providing far superior durability and exposure performance utilizing a green organic process. All materials are produced exclusively in the USA! This is not a traditional powder coated process that has been used in the past for anything from lawn furniture to automotive products. The component parts to this process were developed for NASA for use on the Space Shuttle. This is a new space age 3-step process whereby Pure Chrome is applied over an organic epoxy basecoat in a vacuum chamber. Then an exclusive DuPont clear coat especially formulated for road wheel usage is applied creating a layer of unequalled protection. This process redefines the current limit of technology giving birth to the term: Hybrid Pure Chrome. The result is the next generation of chrome plating yielding a substantial increase in durability against corrosion during winter use, ocean area salt spray, gravel chip resistance and general peeling of the chrome finish. And its all Environmentally Friendly!

3 Pure Chrome Process Paint removal using OE recommended Cool Bath Technology. (not hot bath removal that has metallurgical issues such as embrittlement) Pretreatment- OE approved Organic Epoxy Basecoat Application and Cure Primer Application and Cure Laser Etch for Greater Adhesion Pure Chrome – Sputtering Dupont Acrylic Clearcoat and Cure Final Inspection Package Organic Epoxy Base CoatLaser Etch, Primer & CurePure Chrome, Clear & Cure

4 Independent Test Results Yield Results TestSpecificationResult Initial AdhesionASTMD 335902 FORDPassed Impact463PB-19-01Passed Mar Resistance463PB-43-01GMPassed Pencil Hardness463PB-2-01Passed Solvent Resistance463PB-07-01 No Loss of Gloss Salt SprayASTM B 117-97GM No Loss of Adhesion Magnesium Chloride No Loss of Adhesion TestSpecificationResult Calcium Chloride No Loss of Adhesion Sodium Chloride No Loss of Adhesion Potassium Chloride No Loss of Adhesion HumidityASTM D 1735-02No Loss of Adhesion Water Immerse463PB-45-01No Loss of Adhesion Thermal ShockGM9525PPassed Chip Resistance463PB-39-01 FORD6B CASS Test463PB-39-01Passed 200 Hrs. How does everyday use of affect Hybrid Pure Chrome? In short, it is the most bullet proof chrome plating you are ever going to experience. State of the art laboratory test were conducted to determine how the following factors would affect the life of our wheels. After 200 hours of testing which equates to 10 Years of daily use or three times that of conventional chrome. Road salt, Magnesium Chloride, abrasive sand, brake dust, and humidity had no effect on our wheel. The test results show that the Hybrid Pure Chrome wheels continue to maintain their original finish even after many years of use.

5 Advantages of Pure Chrome You wont get returns or warranty problems Cold stripping as opposed to heat stripping (which can harm rims) Improved Life against Road Salt Exposure, Including Magnesium Chloride! 4 Year Limited Warranty Available Clearcoat Protects Chrome Finish Ease of Cleaning Hybrid Pure Chrome is a GREEN ORGANIC Process All materials are produced exclusively in the U.S.A. Excellent Performance for Coastal Exposure Excellent Performance in Winter Exposure No corrosion in bead seat area No Corrosion in center hole/ lug nut area No Pitting No Peeling on backside of the wheel Better Coverage in Recesses: Split Spoke Deep Dish

6 Hybrid Pure Chrome is a Green Process No Hexavalent Chromium Organic Epoxy Base Coat Meets ROHS Criteria (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances) No Solvents No Hazardous Waste

7 Pure Chrome Care & Maintenance We recommend Turtle Wax Products Turtle Wax Scratch and Swirl Remover Mild Soap and Water Lint Free Cotton Polishing Cloth

8 Hybrid Pure Chrome Warranty 4Year Limited Warranty Discoloration Delamination (adhesion) Normal Wear and Tear Not Covered Curbing Mounting Damage Careless Handling

9 Frequently Asked Questions How will Pure Chrome improve my profits? Imagine not having any returns due to plating failure. Customer satisfaction remains very high and your customer is more likely to return to purchase again. What is Pure Chrome Finish? Pure Chrome is a high performance multi-layer coating that looks like traditional chrome, but performs much better in everyday road environments. What is it made of? The coating process is 5 layers of organic epoxy and a pure chrome metal deposit. The final layer is a DuPont powder-acrylic clearcoat which protects the chrome from the elements. How good is Pure Chrome? Pure Chrome passes all of the standard OE testing including: salt spray, thermal shock, chip resistance, brake dust and magnesium chloride. Why do I need Pure Chrome? I Dont Live in the Snow-belt or by the Ocean. It doesnt matter where you live, Pure Chrome outlasts conventional chrome three-times over. Thats beneficial to any chrome wheel owner. Will my Pure Chrome fail? The weather ability of this product far exceeds the test results of traditional chrome plating. This product has survived 4 harsh Midwest winters with no failures. Where is Pure Chrome made? All parts of the process are made in the U.S.A. Why is Pure Chrome a green process? No hazardous chemicals or solvents are used in the process. How long has Pure Chrome been around? For about 50 years. It has been used on road wheels for 4 years including 4 harsh winter seasons with no road failures. Phone: (888) 573-3581

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