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World View Chapters 27-28 Written by Charles Colson and Nancy Pearsey Presented by : David M. Hasz.

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2 World View Chapters 27-28 Written by Charles Colson and Nancy Pearsey Presented by : David M. Hasz

3 The Drama of Despair The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless - Steven Weinberg - Nobel Prize Winner

4 Science and Hostile Universe Science reveals we live in a overwhelmingly hostile universe Where does that leave us?

5 What is the choice now? The alternative to the Christian message …. is a free fall into pessimism and despair. What happened to the utopian dreams of the past two centuries?

6 World War They crashed in the convulsions of two world wars and the naked evil of the 20th century.

7 Existentialism What is it? Basically the belief you are your life, and thats all you are.

8 No Higher Purpose There is no higher purpose or goal or meaning to life. Where does this belief lead?

9 The 1960s If naturalistic science leads to the conclusion that there is no ultimate meaning to life - then why not seek alternative sources of meaning in sensual pleasure and mind altering drug experiences?

10 Upheaval and the End This was an intellectual and cultural upheaval….end of optimism, intro to despair!

11 Mix Existentialism with Darwinism When existentialism leads to pessimism and pessimism takes on a Darwinian cast where do we go?

12 Driven to Compete All life-forms are driven to compete for the next rung on the evolutionary ladder, leaving the weakest behind.

13 Sociobiology Or evolutionary psychology. Sociobiologists conclude that evolution requires ruthlessly selfish behavior.

14 Bye Bye Love Love and altruism are illusions There is no hint of genuine charity I Cor. 13:13 - the greatest is charity

15 What do they teach? Everything you do in life is programmed by your genes. Thus every action you make is selfish.

16 Your actions not your fault Your actions are all based on what your genes are doing to survive This is a religion and worldview

17 Worldview? Where did we come from? What went wrong with the world? How do we fix it?

18 No FIX Even though no fix it still debunks conventional religion and morality.

19 You dont think so?? Excerpts from page 259. Banish God, find no meaning in the universe, conclude therefore there must be no God.

20 Death Defying… why not? Death Defying and why not? Hemingway the ultimate conclusion.

21 New Age Religion How many of you detected you have been involved? Differences between the West and the East. PG263 It is everywhere.

22 Where have we seen it? 7 years in Tibet. Matrix Richard Gere, Steven Segal, The Secret Garden Schools, churches, universities

23 What is New Age? The escalator myth in spiritualized form. It is a religion that blends Hinduism, Buddhism, and the west. We can become gods, actually we are gods. We are also making God better.

24 It is pervasive Stanford PUMSY - I can handle it, I can make it happen, I am me and I am enough.

25 Self Worship, not Self Esteem Teaching self worship not self esteem! Beware of the self esteem argument.

26 New Age is a worldview Pg. 268: Not individual dignity but rather a loss of the individual.

27 Perfect as you are New age says you are perfect exactly the way you are, when you accept that, life works

28 Pantheism Pantheism underlies all New Age thinking, it is according to CS Lewis the religion we naturally fall into. It is the only real formidable opponent to Christianity.

29 Re-imaging Conferences Re-imaging conferences in churches holding worship services to Sophia

30 The Danger More and more Christians regard religion as therapy. We lower our defenses against world views that appeal to our emotions.

31 Christianity makes demands Christianity makes stringent moral demands, it requires something from us. PG 271.

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