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商务英语 Unit 2 RECRUITMENT 教材:新视野商务英语(下).

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1 商务英语 Unit 2 RECRUITMENT 教材:新视野商务英语(下)

2 Unit 2 RECRUITMENT Objectives Key vocabulary Language focus Skills
Lead-in Homework

3 Objectives When the learners finish learning this unit, they should be able to providing information on recruitment collecting information on recruitment

4 Key Vocabulary recruit advertise goods services manufacture wholesaler consumer supermarket department store the internet TV shopping channels mail-order catalogues margin apply for covering letter letter of application curriculum vitae short list hire interview recruitment agency

5 Language focus Present simple and present continuous Definite, indefinite, zero articles Defining relative clauses Pronunciation : weak and strong form

6 Language Focus Defining relative clauses
These clauses give important information about the noun. A retailer is a person who/that buys goods about the manufacturer. This is the department store which/which Peterson owns.

7 Skills Writing: expanding notes Reading: Graduate career opportunities
Listening: a job advertisement

8 Lead-in read the advertisement opposite from the website of the American company. In pairs, discuss the questions. Different methods may bae used to recruit people. In group, discuss the followings.

9 Words and expression Curriculum vitae: resume
hampers: n. packing-case or basket with a lid ,esp one used for sending food. balance: capital optional: which may be chosen or not as one wishes; not compulsory recruitment agency: search firm candidate: applicant

10 We choose a relative pronoun depending on whether the noun is a person or a thing
Person : who; that Things: that; which Place: where Time: when More examples: 1. I don’t like door –to door salespeople that put under pressure and try to sell you things you don’t want. 2. I like shopping malls where all my favorite shops are in one place.

11 3.I like shops that offer a wide variety of good.
4.I prefer sales assistants who let me look around by myself. 5.I think it is important to have packaging that clearly shows the ingredients. 6.The woman who is standing by the classroom is our English teacher, 7.This is the room where Lu Xun once lived. 8.The train that has just left is for Shanghai.

12 Reading 1.cunning: the ability to deceive people.
2.a brainteaser: a problem which is fun to solve. 3.intangible : sth that cannot be felt to dexcribed. 4.a hire: a recruit: some one who start to work for a company 5.checkout counter: the pay desk in a self-service 6.manufacture: a firm which makes or produces goods. 7.till display: an electronic screen which shows you how much to pay.

13 8.supplier: an agent who provides goods and services.
9.stock: all the goods a retail out let keeps to sell to its customers 10.slash: to cut 11.anecdotal: based on personal experience 12.bring around: to persuade sb. To agree with sth. 13.trait: a quality in someone’s character

14 Homework 1.listening to the tape after class.
2.reciting the new words and the text of key vocabulary. 3.writing a composition.

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