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Summer Workout Program Broken Down Physiologically Bobby Libera Why Perform These Exercises?

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1 Summer Workout Program Broken Down Physiologically Bobby Libera Why Perform These Exercises?

2 Guidelines 8-10 training sessions per week. No more than 2 sessions completed on the same day. Training sessions should last no more than 30 minutes. (Summer) soccer-conditioning program consists of three 4 week phases.

3 Training Sessions Speed & Agility Aerobic Training Sessions Soccer Specific Strength Training

4 Warm Up The importance of warming up before the whistle blows for kick off or even a work out varies from person to person and team to team. Since the dawn of professional sports the highest level teams always go through a static and dynamic warm up. Recent studies suggest that stretching, such as bending over to touch your toes, actually tightens the muscles and makes your body more susceptible to injury. –Physiologically, one would believe that increased blood flow to the stressed part of the body would warm up the targeted muscle and loosen that muscle. Without a doubt there is a significant physiological aspect to this debate. Personally, I always stretch before a soccer game or a workout. I believe that I perform better when I have stretched and now it is a habit. Human behavior is hard to change.

5 Speed & Agility Place 8 cones 4yds out from the center cone 1. Start with your right hand on cone #1, 2. Sprint into the center, touch center cone with left hand, quickly change direction, sprint to cone #2, touch it with right hand, quickly change direction etc. Place 4 cones 10 yds apart in the shape shown (Sprint > shuffle > backpedal > carioca x 4 times around box at full speed) 1. Run at each cone, and plant and change direction quickly without stopping. 2. Accelerate out of every turn! 3. Change angle, and placement of cones 4. Rest 2 minutes in between each run. 5. Repeat for a total of 6 runs. Soccer requires a combination of aerobic endurance and quick explosiveness. It is important to train for a purpose. These speed & agility drills target quick turns and acceleration mimicking game-realistic situations. It is important to build and train muscles for a specific action. These drills build lower body power necessary for competitive and dominant play.

6 Aerobic Training Sessions 1. THE LADDER (8 runs) 200 in 0:401:00 rest 400 in 1:152:00 rest 600 in 2:003:00 rest 800 in 2:457:00 rest 800 in 2:453:00 rest 600 in 2:002:00 rest 400 in 1:151:00 rest 200 in 0:40cool down and stretch in 70 sec., 2:00 rest 1 mile in 5:40 minutes, 5 minute rest 1 mile in 5:55 minutes, cool down & stretch /400s (7 runs) 600 in 2:00 2:00 rest 400 in 1:15 5-minute rest 400 in 1:15 1:45 rest 400 in 1:15 cool down and stretch miles in 8:45 minutes, 5 minute rest 800 in 2:45 minutes, 400 in 75 sec., cool down and stretch Aerobic training sessions strengthen the calf and thigh muscles (quadriceps and hamstrings). As these muscles gain power, overall speed is increased. Additionally, These cardio exercises train the heart. As heart rate increases, blood flows faster to strained muscles providing them with the energy to continue working. It is crucial to do these aerobic workouts to expose the heart to game realistic, strenuous, cardio activity.

7 Soccer Specific Sessions Session minutes of ball dribbling – make a slalom course, 25 Cruyff turns with the left foot, 25 Cruyff turns with the right foot, roll the ball using the sole of your foot (right and left), foundation work (boxing ball between your feet rapidly), etc. - 5 minutes of 1 touch passing with a partner or against a wall (vary the distances) minutes of ball juggling – both feet, high/low touches, around the world, etc. (be creative) - 5 minutes of 2-touch passing with a partner or a wall (vary distances & play quickly). Session minutes of ball dribbling in tight space – use cones, shoes, whatever you may have. Scatter cones (or whatever) in tight space and dribble ball without making contact with objects. Work hard for 40 seconds, rest for20 seconds. - 5 minutes of 2 touch passing – emphasize first touch away from any pressure, play back quickly minutes of shooting on goal (18-25 yards out) – dead balls, moving balls, volleys, etc. Session minutes of 1 versus 1 competitive play or small sided competitive play - 10 minutes of ball juggling - 5 minutes of 2 touch passing - 5 minutes of 1 touch passing Just as form follows function in every physiological aspect of the human body, form also follows function in the build of a soccer player. These soccer specific sessions craft the form to suit the player for a definitive function: to sharpen first touch, perfect passing, and develop 1v1 skill. These practice sessions train the body to be ready for games, where the previously mentioned skills are absolutely needed for dominant play.

8 Strength Training Sessions Workout # 1 ExercisesReps Each Exercise is performed in Circuit format. The Circuit is repeated 3 times If a soccer ball is required you will see the letters "SB" Forward Lunges w/Knee Wobble 10 E. Leg Ice Skaters 10 E. Leg Clap Push ups8 Straight Leg Crunches20 Toe Touches20 Russian Twists 20 E. Side Tuck Jumps10 Push up position Mtn. Climbers45 sec. Burpbees12 Targets Quads Requires explosiveness. Different muscle groups are used than regular pushups Targets Core Requires full body stability so the core is stressed to maintain balance. Additionally these exercises work calf muscles, quad muscles, and shoulders.

9 Strength & Conditioning Cont. Workout #2 ExercisesReps Each Exercise is performed in Circuit format. The Circuit is repeated 3 times For the leg lifts exercises- Hands only go underneath butt when performing the hip drive Backwards Lunges10 E. Leg one foot lightening bolt hops12 E. Foot Plyo Pushups10 Oblique V-ups12 E. Side Prisoner Squats15 Tuck Jumps12 Leg lift- flutter kicks45 sec. Walking Inverted Hamstring10 E. Leg Leg Lift w/hip Drive12 Turkish Getups to 10 yd sprint4 These sessions target the same muscle groups as the first workout.

10 Strength & Conditioning… Workout #3 ExercisesReps Each Exercise is performed in Circuit format. The Circuit is repeated 3 times If a soccer ball is required you will see the letters "SB" Transverse Lunges10 E. Leg Standing Broad Jumps (Repeat)8 Single Leg SB Glute Bridge8 E. leg Suitcase Crunches20 Open Hip Lunges30 sec. Closed Hip Lunges30 sec. T-Pushups6 E. Side Pike Jumps12 Decline Push ups12 Bridge or Plank1 min. Strength & Conditioning sessions a re a key element for soccer training. Soccer players do not train to put on massive muscle mass, nor do we just care about a glamour figure. We train for a purpose. All of the strength exercises target either the legs (calf's, quads), core, shoulders, or back muscles. The leg muscles need to be strong to maintain long term endurance on the field. The abdominal muscles need to be developed to maintain balance. Lastly, the arms, shoulders, and back muscles need to be very strong to shield off defenders and provide the player with the tools necessary for aggressive and superior play.

11 Washington College Soccer Fitness Test I DistanceMaximum TimeRest Period 800 Meters2:451:30 6, 18, 60 yard shuttle:321: Meters1:151:00 6, 18, 60 yard shuttle:321: Meters1:171:00 6, 18, 60 yard shuttle:331: MetersRace ___: Under 2:50 for last 800 meters is mid-team level If the summer program is completed, this shouldnt be so much a test a s just another hard workout. If these specified requirements are met, the physical necessities of a college level player have been meet. If the body can complete this test it is prepared for the challenges on the field. Then, it is up to competence and comfort on the ball.

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