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商务英语 Unit 14 Product and Corporate Advertising

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1 商务英语 Unit 14 Product and Corporate Advertising

2 Unit 14 Product and Corporate Advertising
Objectives Language Focus Skills Business Communication Key Vocabulary lead-in Reading Homework

3 Objectives When the learners finish learning this unit, they should be able to provide information on product and corporate advertising collect information on product and corporate advertising

4 Warming up Encourage students to think about the latest trends in advertising such as free advertisements from Internet providers and virtual advertising. Encourage them to talk about their favorites ads and advertising methods.

5 Language Focus Gerund and infinitive Gerund

6 We use the gerund: 1.after certain verbs: for example: admit imagine appreciate involve avoid postpone consider propose delay risk enjoy stop finish suggest

7 2. as the subject of a sentence 3. after prepositions,
4. after verbs and expressions followed by prepositions. 5. after these expression, It’s no use , it’s no good, it’s not worth, to have difficulty , be busy Infinitive We use the infinitive : 1. after certain verbs, 2. after modals, either with or without to

8 The article The indefinite article (a/an) 1 to refer to a singular countable noun for the first time. 2 with jobs and nouns of nationality. The definite article We use the definite article the: 1 when we already know what is being talked about, or when we are referring to a specific person or thing. 2 when the noun referred to is the only one of its kind. 3 when we use an adjective as a noun to refer to a group of people. 4 in superlative constructions.

9 Skill Writing: write a scenario for a product or service.
Reading: sacrilege Listening: Designing a television commercial

10 Business Communication
Present descriptions of a product or service .

11 Key Vocabulary product advertising media target corporate advertising
brand image public relations publicity commercial sequence live recordings voice-over effects scenario storyboard

12 Lead in The purpose of this section is to get students to think about different advertising media. These include a wide variety of print, broadcast media( TV, radio and the cinema), outdoor advertising ( posters, displays of logos at stadiums and on clothes, and skywriting), transportation advertising, websites and sales through e-commerce, and other printed media.

13 The tips for business letter writing
brief ( state the aim at he very beginning), clear ( what you expect or need in specific way) polite (dear, Yours sincerely, and a neat form).

14 Reading outrageous: very shocking
to sue: to claim money because you have been harmed penance: suffering to show you are sorry to take sth. at face value: to accept sth. Without thinking to garner: to collect a counterpart: a similar person in a different place acumen: the ability to make good judgments to be in touch with : to understand

15 Homework 1.listening to the tape after class.
2.reciting the new words and the text of key vocabulary. 3.writing a composition.

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