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Scotland Lacrosse World Cup 2009 Facilitating Sporting Minds for Scotland Lacrosse Athletes Module 1.

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1 Scotland Lacrosse World Cup 2009 Facilitating Sporting Minds for Scotland Lacrosse Athletes Module 1

2 The Sporting Mind - Programme Aim: To empower Scottish Lacrosse Athletes to maximise their performance through sports psychology and performance coaching. More specifically to focus on team and individual performance by use of knowledge, self- awareness as well as tools and techniques. – A series of 10 modules – Delivered in Edinburgh at squad weekends – Duration 1 / 1.5 hrs, delivered to full group – 5 modules delivered in 2008 and 5 in 2009 – Individual access via email throughout – Evaluation and feedback

3 The Holistic Approach Scotland World Cup Athlete Sporting Mind Strength & Conditioning Stick Skills Scotland Game Tactics Game PlayNutrition

4 The Power of the Sporting Mind The psychology of golf can be complicated as it does entail mental toughness, self-confidence, conquering inner demons, instant recall of past successes and being able to purge failures. It is the game within the game, I developed my mental strength early and I cannot emphasise the importance of you developing yours now!" - Tiger Woods. 'It is the mental power that separates the exceptional from the very good…… there will be nothing to choose between them talent for talent, training for training. What separates them is what goes on behind the eyes.' - Frank Dick (former coach to GB track & field team)

5 The Power of the Sporting Mind "All the Austrians THINK they can be world champion and that's one of our strengths. - Gerolf Heinrichs, 2001 (member of Austrian hang gliding team, 2001) 'Her [Paula Radcliffe] talent is in her mind' - Brendan Foster, 2001 'Although you can train your body physically by sheer persistence, it's much harder to train your mind….all this visualisation did not come to me in a flash, I had to work at it, and learn how to use it.' - Sally Gunnell

6 Module 1 Focus – University of Redlands, George Masons, Prague Cup, Eton Tour Activity – The Team and The Individual Tools – The Diary Scottish Sporting Heroes

7 Activity – You! Why do you play Lacrosse for Scotland? – What does it mean to you? – How does it make you feel? – No right or wrong answer 1.Write this down on a post-it note 2.Share this with the person next to you 3.Share this with the Team – stick it up on the sheet 4.Read other peoples thoughts and views

8 Activity – High Performing Teams What is a High Performing Lacrosse Team? – A Team that wins? – A Team that you feel proud to play for? – A Team that contains your friends? –..... 1.Split into groups 2.Use the words listed and your own to define a High Performing Team – 5 short sentences 3.Write this up on the Flip Chart paper 4.Collective definition for Scotland Lacrosse

9 Activity – High Performing Team? Where is Team Scotland now – how do we measure up? What do we need to do to become a The High Performing Team? 1.Split into groups 2.Score Team Scotland on each definition aspect (0 = not there; 5 = that is Team Scotland! ) 3.What actions can we commit to as a team to increase our score? – write this next to the score 4.What actions can you commit to, to increase our Team score? – write this on a post-it note, stick it on the group sheet, Keep a Copy for you!!

10 Tools – The Diary What to write: – Positive and Critical thoughts / feelings – Pre-match, Warm-up, During match, Post match, Briefing and De-briefing team sessions, training, squad weekends, on / off the pitch – Anything else youd like to off load When to use it: – Down time, end of the day How to use it: – Reaffirm the good things, video bank – Reflect, Gather insights on yourself

11 Scottish Sporting Heroes Why have Heroes? – Inspire – Motivate – Help you get the best out of you Who can they be? – Anyone you choose – Scottish – Woman – Past or present

12 Scottish Sporting Heroes Katherine Grainger MBE LEARNT TO ROW: Edinburgh University ORIGINAL CLUB: Edinburgh University Rowing Club DATE OF BIRTH: 12/11/1975 PLACE OF BIRTH: Scotland, Glasgow HOME TOWN: Scotland, Aberdeen Olympic silver medalist in 2000 and 2004 4 times World Champion Katherine is GB's most successful Olympic female rower Awarded an MBE in 2006 for services to rowing Katherine took up rowing at Edinburgh University in 1993 Made such good progress she was awarded the Eva Bailey Trophy as their most outstanding female athlete in 1996 and again in 1997

13 Take-Away Way of the Peaceful Warrior – by Dan Millman The Diary – record thoughts and emotions, highs, lows on and off the pitch, during training, during tours What you can do for Scotland Lacrosse the High Performing Team Heroes – who is yours and why?

14 Thank you! Charlie Wilson Tel: 0780 872 0637 Email:

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