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2 Back Injuries Arent Just Due to Aging Overexertion in lifting a heavy object is the most frequent single lost day type injury for those under 20 years of age. Source: American Society of Safety Engineers (2003)

3 Back Injury Prevention 1.Back basics 2.Back risk factors 3.Lifting solutions 4.Proper lifting techniques

4 Stages of Back Disorder Pain Impairment Disability Compensation

5 Is There a Concern? How many currently experience back pain? –31 million Americans experience lower back pain. Onset of Low Back Pain –60% feel no sudden pain –Symptoms often begin after work ends Recurrence is High

6 Back Basics My Name Was Earl

7 Major Back Injury Bulging Disk Herniated Disk

8 Risk FactorsOccupational Body Motions –Lifting/Lowering –Bending/Reaching –Twisting –Pushing/Pulling –Carrying/Holding Posture Vibration Falling

9 Risk FactorsNon-Occupational Prior episode Smoking Obesity Genetic factors

10 Engineer Controls Eliminate (Engineer Hazard Out) Workplace design Tool design Preplan process

11 Eliminate the Lift Use mechanical lifts when possible

12 Administrative Controls Training of employees and management Job rotation

13 Job Rotation Rotate to non-lifting tasks

14 Pay Special Attention 1. Heavy lifting 2. Frequent lifting 3. Awkward lifting

15 Reduce Heavy Lifting pound wood pallet Substitute 20 pound plastic pallet

16 Reduce Size of Box Common sense controls

17 Reduce Heavy Lifting Use mechanical assistance

18 Slide Instead of Lift

19 Reduce Heavy Lifting Team Lifting*

20 Reduce Frequency Mechanical Assistance

21 Reduce Frequency Use Mobile Storage*

22 Reduce Awkward Lifting Raise load mechanically

23 Awkward Lifting Add Handles

24 Lifting Tools Impacto Liftmate – SoloLift DualMate

25 Awkward Lifting Rearrange Storage

26 Awkward Lifting Mechanical assistance Stacker – stacks up to 12 feet high

27 Awkward Lifting To reduce twisting – use conveyors *

28 Size Up The Load Make sure you can lift the weight. Test load by picking up one end!

29 Proper Lifting Think defensively about your back Use common sense Follow good lifting techniques Keep load close to body

30 Lifting Power Zone Baseball Strike Zone

31 Lifting Techniques Lift with your legs, not your back Place your feet close to the object Center yourself over the load

32 Lifting Techniques Bend your knees Get a good hand hold Lift straight up smoothly

33 Dont Twist or Turn Feet facing the lift Keep it steady No twisting/turning

34 Know Your Path! Is your path clear? Are there any holes? Are there any spilled liquids? Check your footing.

35 Set it Down Safely Just as critical to back safety as lifting Bend knees slowly Let legs do the work Dont let go of the load until it is secure on the floor

36 Push vs. Pull If the object is on rollers, push Pushing puts less strain on your back Uses largest muscle group

37 Additional Factors Straighten up! Get in shape! Stretch! Relax!

38 Additional Information Click on Safety Safety Videos Sample Programs Safety Links Safety Talks Posters & Forms

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