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商务英语 Unit 4 FRANCHISING 教材:新视野商务英语(下).

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1 商务英语 Unit 4 FRANCHISING 教材:新视野商务英语(下)

2 Unit 4 Franchising Objectives Language focus Skills Key Vocabulary
Lead-in Reading Vocabulary Homework

3 Objectives When the learners finish learning this unit, they should be able to providing information on franchising collecting information on franchising

4 Language focus Used to, be/get used to • used to
we use used to +infinitive to talk about things that happened regularly in the past but have changed now. eg. They used to live in London. Now they live in Madrid. I used to go to work by bus. Now I take my car.

5 • Be/get used to 1. we use be used to to talk about things we don't mind doing because we have become familiar with them. eg. I'm used to office work. 2. when be used to is followed by a verb it takes the ing form, eg. I'm used to working in an office. 3. we use get used to to talk about the process of becoming familiar with something that is new. eg. I quickly got used to working in an office.

6 Skills Writing: an e-mail message: applying for franchise information
Reading: Bang & Olufsen franchise brochure Listening: Janis Errickson, a Dunkin'Dunuts franchisee

7 Key vocabulary franchising franchisor franchisee
franchise agreement franchise fee front end fee royalty management services fee operation manual master franchisee

8 Lead-in 1.In pairs, think of as many examples as you can of franchise operations in your country in the following sectors. 2.student A, make a list of what you think are the principal advantages and disadvantages of the franchise system for a franchisee. Student B, do the same for a franchisor. Compare your lists. 3. In pairs, decide if the points below refer to franchisees or franchisors.

9 Reading Words and expression boast: have as a feature
rush: a busy period bomb site: a place where a bomb has exploded snore: breathe noisily when sleeping

10 Vocabulary Noun stem suffix Assessment assess +-ment
Effectiveness effective ness Regularity regular ity Administration administer +-ation

11 Adverbs Look at these adverbs expressing time from the text on page 38 1.Early morning is always an effort for me. 2.Recently I've been arriving around 8:30 a.m. 3.Eventually this should give me more time. 4.We've already expanded the seating. 5.We're currently eighth in the UK league. 6.We can sometimes lose our casual workers. 7.I‘ve usually divided the mass of paperwork.

12 Homework 1. listening to the tape after class.
2.reciting the new words and the text of key vocabulary. 3.writing a composition.

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