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Consider a career in large animal veterinary practice.

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1 Consider a career in large animal veterinary practice

2 Opportunity in a changing world Food animal production - a growth industry Many reasons for young men and women to find this an interesting career Fewer people are connected to agriculture Veterinarian shortage expected

3 Work directly with animals Veterinarians have the personal fulfillment of animal care

4 Work with animals Regular, direct involvement with animals Disease treatment Health care Animal welfare As part of the health management process

5 Design innovative herd health plans Todays veterinarians work with livestock producers to prevent disease and improve productivity

6 Work as health advisors Veterinarians are health advisors, part of a new emphasis on preventative medicine Work with producers, large and small, to design and implement innovative herd health plans

7 Work on the frontlines of biosecurity Canadas livestock producers and bovine practitioners are the first line of defence in food animal disease control

8 New biosecurity emphasis Biosecurity has a new meaning and increased importance in todays world Food animal diseases have the potential for devastating economic consequences Outbreaks of BSE and foot and mouth disease in Britain Vets on the frontlines

9 Build a safe food supply Livestock health anchors a safe food supply

10 Safe food concerns society Food safety is rapidly emerging as a major concern for society Canada has an excellent reputation that depends on high animal health standards

11 Herd health critical Herd health management is a key part of building a safe food supply Canadian beef and dairy industries have designed quality assurance programs that depend on animal health management

12 Animal welfare Animal welfare is now integrally linked with food safety and quality Vets are key players in farm animal care

13 Work in the great outdoors Get the chance to work in fresh air and sunshine

14 Work flexibility The chance to work outdoors Flexibility of work – both indoors and outdoors Work with people who make their living from the land

15 Choose a rural lifestyle No traffic jams, wide- open spaces, country living. Exactly what many people wish for

16 Be involved in leading edge science Information in veterinary medicine turns over every five years

17 Leading edge of science Personal opportunity to be at the leading edge of science Food animal science changes rapidly Keeping up to date on new research is an important part of being a veterinarian

18 Life-long learning Work with, and learn from, professional peers – locally, nationally and internationally Chance for life-long learning

19 Solid, long-term career options New challenges every day, every year

20 Long-term options Food industry offers good long-term potential May be a shortage of food animal vets in the future, tendency to choose small animal practice Broad range of roles today and in the future means good opportunity

21 Become a large animal vet Whats required to be a veterinarian? A genuine interest Top marks in high school and pre-veterinary classes A desire to make a difference in the world

22 Become a large animal vet For more information on the training required to become a large animal vet, contact: Admissions Office, Western College of Veterinary Medicine. University of Saskatchewan, 52 Campus Dr., Saskatoon, SK. S7N 5B4 Phone: (306) 966-7454, fax (306) 966-8747

23 Think Large Contact the Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners Phone 1-866-COW-VETS (269-8387) Web site: Address: 112G – 116 Research Drive, Saskatoon, SK S7N 3R3 Program support: CARD


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