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English 061 & The Writing Center What You Need to Know.

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1 English 061 & The Writing Center What You Need to Know

2 What is the WC Requirement? Time in the SCC Writing Center is required as part of every English N60 and 061 class You shouldnt feel like youre doing time!

3 Why is WC Required?????? What you go over in the Writing Center will supplement and complement what we study in English 061 class. For extra practice, practice, practice!! A person needs to hear new information at least three times before it registers into his/her mind for immediate recollection. The WC also allows you to meet with an English professor to get extra one-on-one assistance with your writing assignments

4 When Must I Go to the WC? Twice per week, before or after our class, according to the class schedule A set time each week Not a walk-in-when- you-can-or-want-to system

5 For How Long? ONLY 50 minutes twice a week "If you want to make good use of your time, you've got to know what's most important and then give it all you've got." Lee Iacocca Writing Center is important!

6 With Whom? A professor from the SCC English Department Your classmates

7 Where is the WC? The Writing Center is in A210 Bookstore building, upstairs, diagonally from the Health Center

8 How Does WC Connect to My Grade? Your weekly attendance is tracked by minutes Missing more than TWO meetings can result in you being dropped from the class Reports are sent to me every week You may NOT make up missed hours. Work is submitted to me in a two- pocket folder twice during the semester MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 12:40-1:30PM Lennertz TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 5:00-5:50PM Roe There are No OPEN Hours this summer.

9 What Does it All Mean? WC means 15% of your grade in this class Only ONE grade for English 061, nothing separate for Writing Center SHOULD help you, NOT hurt you CAN make you not be able to pass this class, even if you are doing well with your writing assignments and attending regular class

10 What is Your Job? Purchase Your WC Guide and Workbook Attend all of the WC sessions Fulfill the WC Requirementsin the workbook and online Follow the Weekly Schedule of Sessions with WC Activities and Task Due Dates (located in your course syllabus) Get Necessary Signatures from WC Instructor Work Diligently, Consistently, & Respectfully!

11 What is Our Job? To provide you with a first rate experience and help you become a better writer!

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