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Question Answer Weather Jeopardy 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 Water in the AirToo.

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2 Question Answer Weather Jeopardy Water in the AirToo much Pressure Weather or NotDisastersClassify Final Jeopardy

3 Question Answer Help (1) Save a duplicate of this template. (2) Enter all answers and questions in the normal view. (view/normal) (3) Change the category headings in the normal view (view/normal) (4) View as a slideshow. (5) Use the home red button after each question. ©Norman Herr, 2003

4 Question Answer A-100 ANSWER: On most days a warm air mass sits over the Florida coast. This can be said to be true of this air mass. QUESTION: What is its moisture is the same throughout the air mass?

5 Question Answer A-200 ANSWER: The role of plants in the water cycle. QUESTION: How plant release water vapor into the air by TRANSPIRATION?

6 Question Answer A-300 ANSWER: The wind in the picture below moves from a body of water up and over the mountain. This area will get the most vegetation growing. QUESTION: What is area S?

7 Question Answer A-400 ANSWER: The measure of the maximum distance at which large objects can be identified with the unaided eye. QUESTION: What is the VISIBILITY?

8 Question Answer A-500 Draw a water cycle diagram showing 3 processes moving water from the ocean, atmosphere and land. ANSWER:

9 Question Answer Answer:. This is what scientists call the measurement of the force with which air molecules push on a surface. Question: What is AIR PRESSURE? B-100

10 Question Answer B-200 ANSWER: A pressure system of rising air in which clouds and thunderstorms form easily if there is moisture. QUESTION: What is a low pressure system?

11 Question Answer B-300 ANSWER:ANSWER: Explain what kind of weather a high pressure system will cause. QUESTION:What is clear skies because the sinking air makes it difficult for clouds to form?

12 Question Answer B-400 ANSWER: A system of pressure that forms along the boundaries of air masses. QUESTION: What is Low Pressure?

13 Question Answer B-500 ANSWER: Low pressure areas are where air masses come together and rise. A rising air masss temperature changes in this way. QUESTION: What is getting cooler?

14 Question Answer C-100 ANSWER: The interaction between air, water and the ______ cause weather. QUESTION: What is the SUN?

15 Question Answer C-200 ANSWER: The name of violently rotating columns of air stretching from a cloud to the ground. QUESTION: What are tornadoes?

16 Question Answer C-300 ANSWER:The climate zones that Florida is located in. QUESTION:What is the tropical and temperate zones?

17 Question Answer C-400 ANSWER:Topography of an area can affect climate. Give an example of something that would be part of the topography of an area. QUESTION: What are mountains?

18 Question Answer C-500 ANSWER: Explain how clouds form. QUESTION: Warm moist air rises Air expands Air cools Water vapor condenses on particle such as: –Dust –Smoke –Pollution –Salt

19 Question Answer D-100 ANSWER: The boundary between a cold and warm air mass. QUESTION: What is a front?

20 Question Answer D-200 ANSWER: It is what you call a circular depression that forms when rock dissolves or when the roof of an underground cavern collapses. QUESTION: What is a sinkhole?

21 Question Answer D-300 ANSWER:2 reasons that Florida is vulnerable to hurricanes. QUESTION: What are warm ocean waters and flat topography?

22 Question Answer D-400 ANSWER: Mr. Schulman hears that there is a chance of flooding in his area due to a storm surge. He lives in a low- lying area and should ____________. QUESTION: What is a evacuate to higher ground?

23 Question Answer D-500 ANSWER: Three conditions needed to form a Hurricane. QUESTION: –Warm ocean water above 79 degrees F. –Low pressure –Calm upper level winds –Spin of the Earth

24 Question Answer E-100 ANSWER: Super, Crazy, Gorilla, Elmers QUESTION: What are glues?

25 Question Answer E-200 ANSWER: A Greek, a Caesar, a Ranch an Island and An Italian. QUESTION: What are salad dressings?

26 Question Answer E-300 ANSWER: Salsa, Tango, Meringue QUESTION: What are Latin dances?

27 Question Answer E-400 ANSWER: Yam, Sweet, Spud, Yukon Gold, Idaho Baking QUESTION: What are potatoes?

28 Question Answer E-500 ANSWER: Scotch, 3M, Duct, Video, Masking QUESTION: What are Tapes?

29 Question Answer FINAL JEOPARDY Question: Why is it that water can form on grass in the early morning when the air is clear? Answer: Air near the ground cools to the dew point.

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