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ICP ICT and Company Practise College 1 Dinsdag 1 april 2008 Dr. Geleyn Meijer.

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1 ICP ICT and Company Practise College 1 Dinsdag 1 april 2008 Dr. Geleyn Meijer

2 ICP Content Objectives and overview ICT companies – taxonomy Legal Virtual organisations Business case Assignment

3 ICP Objective (1) The ICP course is given in period 5 and addresses the non-technical aspects of ICT and essentially has to develop the students skills: To understand the balance between technical, organisational, legal and commercial aspects of an ICT project To make judgements on priorities, based on a sound analysis of the facts To communicate with stakeholders

4 ICP Objectives (2) The acquisition of knowledge concerning business- oriented ICT issues. Critical evaluation of a non-technical scientific article in the area of ICT. Understanding change related to ICT projects and the impact it has on people Writing a non-technical scientific article in the area of ICT”. In the 2007-2008 academic year, topics are chosen specifically because of their wider impact with the work and responsibilities of system and network administrators.

5 ICP Structure of the course WeekTopic 1 Introduction and Sourcing 2 Sourcing 3Innovatie management Project management 4Enterprise Architecture 5No lectures 6Innovation management / EA 7Change management 8ICT management 9Examination

6 ICP Schedule IntroSourcing InnoPMngtEA InnoEAChange mngtICT Mngt Examen 1-apr4-apr8-apr11-apr15-apr18-apr22-apr25-apr6-mei9-mei13-mei16-mei20-mei23-mei-30-mei Michiel Struijk Eltjo Poort ok Chris Soels ok Han Verniers ok Bert van der Hooft ok Leon Manet ok Geleyn Meijer ok Rini van Solingen Paul Fluitsma Corine de Katere ok Leon Dohmen ok Wouter Paul Trienekens ok Guus Delen –VKA ok Marc Gillard – VKA ok Ronnie Lachniet ok Jaap Schekkerman ok Examen IntroSourcing InnoPMngtEA InnoEAChange mngtICT Mngt Examen

7 ICP Company taxonomy

8 ICP Companies Organigram of a ICT service provider Organigram of retailer Organigram of a telecom provider Organigram of a bank Matrix organisations

9 ICP Organisatie modellen Locatie Functie Markt

10 ICP Company Principles Mission Core business Profit & Loss Staff units Matrix organisations Business units and ICT Stakeholders And what about public sector

11 ICP A business plan

12 ICP

13 Legal Time and Material Project Outsourcing Fixed price Fixed time Aansprakelijkheid – direct/indirect SLA

14 ICP Services vs products

15 ICP Services innovation No abstract market view, but interaction with real, named user No large stocks, but scaleable delivery infrastructure service provider needs to be able to adapt rapidly The creativity needed is: –closely linked with client interaction and therefore needs to be embedded in the existing day-to-day relations with the clients –is on-line affair since respons to challenges must be swift since creative results are quickly exposed in the commercial market reality and can have a short life span.

16 ICP virtual organizations

17 ICP Virtual Organisations Dell Computer General Motors Nike Virtuelle Fabrik e-Diamond

18 ICP The Virtual Organization (VO) Paradigm A virtual organization is a temporary alliance of several organizations that come together to: –share skills, core competencies, and resources –to achieve common goals –their cooperation is supported through the communication network Provide products / services that a single company may not be able to provide alone Distribute the tasks and support common goals Share the resources and the risks … Manufacturing example © H. Afsarmanesh, 2003

19 ICP Emerging Virtual Organization Domains Areas: Engineering, Manufacturing, Sciences, Service Provision Multi-site Manufacturing and Concurrent Engineering Service Provision (Municipality, Tourism) Distributed Control Engineering (Water & Electricity Distribution) Tele-assistance and tele-Supervision (Health care) Collaboration between Scientific Centers and with industry (Bio-Informatics, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry) Software services © H. Afsarmanesh, 2003

20 ICP Network Coordinated Network Cooperative Network Collaborative Network Coallition’s purpose Integration level Communication Information exchange Complementary goals Joint goals Individual identities Working apart (with some coordination) Joint goals Joint identities Working together (Creating together) ECOLEAD focus “Creating the foundations and mechanisms for establishing an advanced collaborative, network-based industry society” STRATEGIC GOAL fluidity agility reactivity

21 ICP Application Management of comm. & computing Management of comm. & computing Management of comm. & computing Grid Services Harness multi-domain distributed resources Management of comm. & computing VL-e Application Oriented Services Food Informatics Dutch Telescience Medical Diagnosis & Imaging Bio- Informatics Data Intensive Science/ LOFAR Bio- Diversity Knowledge Information Data

22 ICP enables needs Network of Co-workersGrid computing ICT services outlook

23 ICP enables needs Network of co-workersGrid computing Mobile maintenance and support teams ICT services outlook

24 ICP Applying the GRID for tooling Tools Maintenance Teams use facilitate Tools to analyse, to monitor, to communicatie, to consult Hetrogeneous, On-demand Mobile front-ends

25 ICP Assignment Study the article: “IT doesn’t matter” from Harvard Business Review, by Nicholas Carr Form pairs and study the debate that followed the publication Form your own opinion and formulate on paper. Study SRA of NESSI. How does this change the role of the systems engineer.

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