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Marketing Research MBA-10 1. Marketing Research MBA-10 2 Questionnaire Design.

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1 Marketing Research MBA-10 1

2 Marketing Research MBA-10 2 Questionnaire Design

3 Marketing Research MBA-10 3 Introduction Proper wording Answer to a question is function of question wording Stock---- Livestock ----- Securities stock may clarify


5 Marketing Research MBA-10 5 Questionnaire As easy to compose as a good poem But, it is usually the result of long, painstaking work

6 Marketing Research MBA-10 Basic Criteria in Questionnaire Design Relevance Accuracy

7 Marketing Research MBA-10 What Should Be Asked? Questionnaire relevance Only needed question should be asked Chances of omission prevails Questionnaire accuracy Should be simpler, understandable, unbiased, unambiguous, non-irritating No step by step process may be generalized Avoid lengthy, difficult to answer, ego threatening question Questions should facilitate data analysis

8 Marketing Research MBA-10 What should be asked? How should each question be phrased? In what sequence should the questions be arranged? What questionnaire layout will best serve the research objectives? How should the questionnaire be pre-tested? Does the questionnaire need to be revised? Decisions in Questionnaire Design

9 Marketing Research MBA-10 Phrasing Questions Open-ended questions What do you like most about your job? Fixed-alternative questions In Management, is there a useful distinction between what is legal and what is ethical? Yes_____ No_____

10 Marketing Research MBA-10 Phrasing Questions Open-ended questions Cost is high High interviewer bias Improper recording More response from educated

11 Marketing Research MBA-10 Phrasing Questions Fixed Alternative Questions Require less interviewer skill Take less time Easier for the respondent to answer Simple Dichotomy: This or that like Yes, no, Determinant Choice: choose only one - response Frequency determination: Asks frequency of occurrence Attitude rating: Such as the Likert scale Check list: allows respondents to provide multiple answers Dichotomous or Multiple choice questions must be mutually exclusive

12 Marketing Research MBA-10 Phrasing Questions It differs Self administered (Conversational style) Telephone (Conversational style) Personal interview

13 Marketing Research MBA-10 Rules for Questionnaire No hard and fast rules Only guidelines

14 Marketing Research MBA-10 Avoid Complexity: use simple, conversational language (Marital Status) Avoid leading and loaded questions: Loaded indicate socially desirable Avoid ambiguity: be as specific as possible, avoid often, usually, frequently Avoid double-barreled items Avoid making assumptions Avoid burdensome questions Avoid in Questionnaire

15 Marketing Research MBA-10 Designing Questionnaire Question sequence –Order bias (Influence of earlier question or by an answers position) –Funnel technique (Asking general questions before specific questions) –Filter bias (Filter & Pivot question) Anchoring Effect (First concept measured tends to become reference point) Question layout

16 Marketing Research MBA-10 Pre-testing Even after pretest, Researcher should remember Can the questionnaire format be followed by the interviewer? Does the questionnaire follow naturally or conversationally? Can respondents answer the questions easily? Which alternative form of questions work best?

17 Marketing Research MBA-10 17 Internet Survey

18 Marketing Research MBA-10 18 ? Any Question?

19 Marketing Research MBA-10 19 Thanks for your contribution

20 Marketing Research MBA-10 20 Assignment Case-20: Canterbury Travels Submission date is 16 Aug Selected person from group will present

21 Marketing Research MBA-10 21 Assignment Prepare a Questionnaire on your Individual Research Topic Each student of the group will need to conduct survey with the question (each student 3-4 respondent) Collective experience will have to be presented in the class This survey will be considered as pretest of the questionnaire Present your Experience along with Literature Review of your Topic on 23 Aug

22 Marketing Research MBA-10 22 See You Next Week

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