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How to Attract Customers Using Digital Marketing Seth Spears Chief Strategist/Principal.

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1 How to Attract Customers Using Digital Marketing Seth Spears Chief Strategist/Principal

2 What I Do

3 Digital Marketing Consultancy Digital Marketing Strategy & Consulting WordPress Website Design Local Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Small Business Mobile App Development 270-495-0014 @SpearsMarketing


5 Marketing is delivering a product or service to the right market, through the right message, using the right medium. What is Marketing?

6 Marketing Has Changed Traditional, Outbound, Push Marketing = TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, yellow pages, billboards, etc. New technology & filters + Info overload = Game changer!

7 Marketing Has Changed

8 The Options: Outbound Marketing One-way communication Customers are sought out No added value - boring & uninformative Inbound Marketing Two-way communication Customers seek you out Lots of added value - education/entertainment

9 Marketing Basics Branding Consistency: online & off-line Know, Like Trust People purchase products, but they buy from individuals Word of Mouth/Referrals - use internet to validate your credibility Success = Doing the right things, long enough, consistently

10 Throw something at me if I get too technical :)

11 5 Steps to Digital Domination 1. Content Platform - Your Website 2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 3. Social Media Marketing 4. Email Marketing 5. Online Advertising/Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

12 Your Website: The Foundation Own your platform: dont be a digital sharecropper Your website: Design, Structure, Content Design: visually appealing, attention grabbing, clean & specific Structure: easy to navigate, cohesive, logical flow of information Content: quality information, keyword rich, calls to action

13 Your Website: The Platform Content Management System (CMS) WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Modx, Expression Engine Easy to Update Scalable Attractive Mobile Friendly

14 Your Website: The Content Content Marketing = Blogging = Self-publishing Inform, entertain, engage Written, audio, video Expert status Search-ability Consistency Topics: Education, thought leadership, entertainment, FAQs, case studies, success stories, stir things up

15 Search Engine Optimization SEO = Relevance => how your business appears to Google Google/iPhone = New Yellow Pages Both art & science Constantly changing Content, keywords, links

16 SEO: The Tech Onsite SEO (technical) Semantic markup Title tags h1 tags Keywords Anchor text Meta description SEO Sandwich Content Keywords Links Social Citations

17 SEO: The Sandwich Content: More is better, but quality is king. Write for people, not search engines Keywords: Use common language. What customers search for Links: Popularity contest. Quality > Quantity. Interlink on-site between pages & posts Social: Links & Mentions => Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. Citations: Local search directories & review sites. Google+Local, Bing Local, Yelp, Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages, etc.

18 SEO: The Local Citations are paramount! Claim, create, update, optimize, manage Consistent info: Name, Address, Phone, Website UBL, Info USA, Localeze Cultivate reviews Online press releases Groupon?

19 Social Media: The What Not just a marketing channel For customers, its social first, business second Customers are talking, are you listening? Content should originate on your platform. Social is a distribution channel Easiest way for content to go viral => social proof What Social Media Is:

20 Social Media: The Why Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube Social media humanizes business. Personality MUST shine through Reputation management is a must. Social media amplifies both good & bad Referrals happen more online than in person Claim business profiles =>

21 Social Media: The How Facebook - Cincy ShirtsCincy Shirts Twitter - Best BuyBest Buy Google+ - StarbucksStarbucks Linkedin - ZipcarZipcar Pinterest - Whole FoodsWhole Foods Instagram - Dogfish HeadDogfish Head YouTube - Simply ScubaSimply Scuba

22 Email Marketing: The What Permission based marketing Easier & less expensive to resell existing customers than acquire new ones Relationship building Top-of-mind awareness Offer incentives for joining your list => exclusivity Least expensive form of direct-response marketing

23 Email Marketing: The How Email Service Provider (ESP) Aweber, Mail Chimp, etc. (auto-responder) Signup form must integrate with website, social media, etc. Permission Marketing => No Spam! WIIFM = whats in it for me! Automate & personalize Consistent contact

24 Online Advertising: The What Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Impression, Ad Networks, Remarketing Google Adwords Facebook Ads Amazon, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Easiest way to get ranked at top of Google Can be extremely effective Can get expensive quickly

25 Online Advertising: The How Google Keyword Tool Set parameters Create landing pages Test, test, test! Wash, Rinse, Repeat

26 Mobile Marketing Stats

27 Mobile is the fastest growing digital marketing segment!

28 Tying it all Together: Mobile Marketing Is your website mobile friendly? Google likes mobile responsive design Majority of social media is used on mobile device Is your email newsletter mobile friendly? Text Marketing & Mobile Apps

29 Conclusion Digital Marketing is here to stay Mobile is fastest growing segment Website is the foundation SEO & Social Media are essential Email can give best ROI PPC = test, test, test All the above are building blocks. They work together & amplify the individual effectiveness of each other

30 Resources es

31 Questions? @SpearsMarketing

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