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China and The West.

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1 China and The West

2 The Opium War (1839) Britain buys an incredible amount of tea from China

3 China just wants to trade for silver.

4 Britain is running out of silver!
We’re running out of money!! What can we get the Chinese to buy from us? We don’t need anything! Just silver!!!

5 I got it! Let’s sell them…. DRUGS!

6 British Drug Lords The British government purposely tries to get China addicted to drugs Chinese government protests

7 Opium War Breaks Out (1839) Britain fights to be drug dealers in China
Britain wins easily Keep sending in Opium Other foreign nations begin to take advantage

8 Taiping Rebellion Hong Xiuquan has visions of world peace
starts with peace in China leads a rebellion to bring change to the government

9 Taiping Con’t Take Nanjing Lasts 14 years
French and British help end the fight over 20 million Chinese die

10 Sphere of Influence Several foreign countries control areas of China
Create tax systems for their own good

11 Open Door Policy America wants its piece of China
Ask all the others to trade equally

12 The Boxer Rebellion Many Chinese do not like foreign control
Society of Harmonious Fists use their hands to fight

13 Boxers Put Down! Foreign countries (including the U.S.) want to maintain control Send in 20,000 foreign troops to put down the “rebellion” Don’t let the Chinese change their own country

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