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Wayne Gieselman Division Administrator RegulatoryUpdate.

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1 Wayne Gieselman Division Administrator RegulatoryUpdate

2 Big Issues & Opportunities Air Quality Biofuels Green House Gases Water Quantity Landfills UAAs Opportunities Anaerobic digester Biofuels Enforcement and Field Office Priorities

3 Division Priorities Human Health and the Environment Empowering communities Focused on greatest risks Develop new revenue sources Empower employees to improve program effectiveness

4 Air Permits for Biofuel Plants Permits Issued Dry mill ethanol plants 585,773 MM gals Wet Mill ethanol plants 4 559 MM gals Biodiesel plants13 448 MM gals Total756,780 MM gals Applications under review 4 dry mill ethanol and 6 biodiesel Proposed = 780 MM gals DNR reviews and issues permits usually < 90 days Less applications recently Updated Aug. 17, 2007

5 Biodiesel and Ethanol Plants July 2007

6 How Far Can You Go? 0.36 bushels corn/gal ethanol 121,800 bu/day for 120 mgy plant 200 – 300 trucks per day for corn 50 to 60 mile radius needed for corn

7 Greenhouse Gases New legislation (SF485) Requires DNR to Quantify increases in GHG emissions Include GHG in emissions inventories in 2008 Establish voluntary climate registry by 2009 Establish the Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council No authority to regulate GHG emissions

8 Air Quality In Iowa Marginally meeting new 24-hr PM2.5 standard Some parts of eastern Iowa may go into nonattainment next year EPA proposed tightening 8-hr ozone standard Final standard due March 2008 Portions of Iowa could be in nonattainment depending on final standard

9 PM 2.5 24-hour Design Values 2004 – 2006 (NAAQS Standard is 35 μg/m3)

10 Solid Waste (aka Landfill Liners) Implementing federal program Started in 2002 – Iowa rules inconsistent with federal rules Why? We need to do a better job of protecting groundwater

11 The Issue Partially lined landfills often on top of unlined areas Cannot tell if contamination comes from lined or unlined areas Need data and a method to show new leachate does not pollute groundwater

12 Solutions Liners Required by Oct. 1; 3 Years to Comply Partially lined landfills have several options Use modeling software to show side slopes are working Construct a side liner Continue to place waste on bottom liner for 3 years then move it to newly constructed area

13 Changes Ensures an engineered liner is installed to prevent groundwater contamination Improved groundwater sampling and monitoring Increase time for permit renewals from 3 to 5 years Research and development permit Allows adding liquids Allows cover, planting trees

14 Water Supply Growing demands for groundwater supplies Requires more information to plan for the future

15 Ground Water Supply and Demand – not equally distributed FAIR POOR GOOD

16 Groundwater Supply Proposed comprehensive study - $1.65 million annually Currently funded at $480 thousand Will pursue total funding First year: Characterize the Dakota Sandstone – main bedrock aquifer in NW Develop example products to show what could be done statewide

17 First Year – Dakota Aquifer Compiling available information Geology Water-yield characteristics Water withdrawals Water levels Water quality Creating an on-line data information system Making sure we wont dry up the state

18 The New Water Quality Standards All non-designated perennial streams and intermittent streams with perennial pools are designated as Class A1, B(WW-1), i.e.fishable/swimmable 26,000 miles of perennial streams - 12,000 miles of previously designated streams 14,000 new miles presumed to be fishable/swimmable

19 Mississippi River = fishable/swimmable

20 Unnamed Creek near Davis City = fishable/swimmable

21 Use Attainability Analysis A structured scientific assessment of the factors affecting the attainment of the use May include Physical Chemical Biological and Economic factors

22 Iowa UA/UAA Process 1.Presumed fishable and swimmable Gather information in the field Compare field data to use definitions and decide which uses are attainable Post on UAA database for input and rulemaking

23 Whats Happening Now? Rules effective March 22, 2006, but still awaiting EPA approval Criteria issues The UHL contract ends December 2007 Nearing end of field season #2 NOIA to EPC in October

24 Opportunities Anaerobic Digestion Manure-to-Energy + Economic opportunity - 750 animal units Closed-looped systems to process manure and other organic wastes Community-based, with centralized collection Livestock Ethanol production Community wastewater treatment facilities Produce biogas and associated value-added products

25 Environmental Benefits Reduces odors by 90 percent or more Reduces GHG damage to the atmosphere: CO 2 X 21 = CH 4 Reduces nitrate pollution to water from faster nutrient uptake* Reduces fossil fuel use and the emissions associated with fossil fuel use *Source: Danish Agricultural Advisory Service, Crop Production (15-year study)

26 Opportunities 2007 ESD Enforcement Goals Develop, track and measure environmental indicators for each ESD program area Review and update priority areas for compliance and enforcement in each ESD program area Resolve or set hearing on all existing appeals by July 1

27 Enforcement Priorities Air Quality Asbestos violations At schools, hospitals and community centers Major source and/or repeat air quality violations Landfills Inspect priority areas such as landfills Decrease inspections where problems are under control, i.e., transfer stations Set criteria for when open dumps will be inspected

28 Future Forecasting More regional, community-driven problem solving with DNR as technical advisor Making a difference – attacking problem areas where efforts pay off in environmental improvements Emphasis on prevention – pre- construction meetings, increased stakeholder involvement Need for sustainable funding sources as EPA asks for more Performance Tracking


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