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SIPPING WG Status IETF 57 The Chairs Gonzalo Camarillo, Rohan Mahy, Dean Willis.

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1 SIPPING WG Status IETF 57 The Chairs Gonzalo Camarillo, Rohan Mahy, Dean Willis

2 Note Well Registration packets included materials referring to RFC 2026 As usual, this meeting is covered by that policy. Wireless: please do NOT use adhoc mode! you will break everyone else!

3 Chat Room Info Jabber chat room at: SIMPLE/Jabber gateway info available at:

4 Announcements SIP Device requirements Adhoc is Thursday from 1000 to 1100 in Room J241/1 –draft-sinnreich-sipping-sipdev-req-01.txt QoS promotion scheme discussion is happening in TSVWG on Friday at 0900 in Hall IK –draft-morita-tsvwg-pps-00.txt

5 Agenda Day 1 1930 Agenda Bash / Status -- Chairs 1955 QSIG Interworking Open Issues 2005 Configuration Issues, Rohan Mahy 2035 Dialog Package Open Issues, Jonathan Rosenberg 2055 Session Policy and Middleboxes –Jonathan Rosenberg, Session Policy, Global URIs, and ICE –Francois Audet, Explicit Addressing Realms 2125 Conferencing Design Team, Orit Levin 2140 Transcoding Design Team, Gonzalo Camarillo 2150 Emergency Calls Design Team, Gonzallo Camarillo

6 Agenda Day 2 1300 Application Interaction Design Team, Jonathan R 1320 Media-Related Issues Discussion –Gonzalo Camarillo - Early Media –Rohan Mahy - Tones –Eric Burger - Network Announcements 1350 Event Filtering and Throttling Open Issues, Aki Niemi 1400 DPNSS Interworking Discussion, Ranjith Mukundan 1410 End to Middle Security Discussion, Kumiko Ono 1435 Phone Status/Presence Discussion, Jonathan R 1450 SIP Diagnostics Discussion, Alan Johnston

7 Approved, in RFC-ED Queue 1.draft-ietf-sipping-overlap Overlap Dialing 2.draft-ietf-sipping-basic-call-flows 3.draft-ietf-sipping-pstn-call-flows

8 AD/IESG Review 1.draft-ietf-sipping-aaa-reqs -AD review 2.draft-ietf-sipping-mwi -in IETF Last Call 3.draft-ietf-sipping-3gpp-r5-reqs –AD note needed 4.draft-ietf-sipping-3pcc –IESG review of fixes

9 Recent WGLCs 1.draft-ietf-sipping-e164 -Author believes all WGLC comments incorporated 2.draft-ietf-sipping-dialog-package -Open Issues discussed in a few minutes -How much data should be here versus in a presence-related package? 3.draft-ietf-sipping-qsig2sip –Open Issues discussed in a few minutes –Need more review! (Soliciting Volunteers) –Do we still have quorum and expertise to do this?

10 Quick Status of other WG Docs 1.draft-ietf-sipping-cc-transfer -Need to add a few more cases and ready to WGLC? 2.draft-ietf-sipping-service-examples 3.draft-ietf-sipping-cc-framework -Authors need to make consistent with other documents/dependecies 4.draft-ietf-sipping-req-history -Requirements document believed complete 5.draft-ietf-sipping-torture-tests -This needs to become a living doc: NEED MORE CASES! -Robert Sparks taking over as editor 6.draft-ietf-sipping-realtimefax –Does this belong in MMUSIC?

11 A Note about publishing Individual Documents Netannc –Discussed on Thursday –Author believes that all conflicts and open issues are now addressed OSP Token: P-Header –We did an Expert Review and polled for additional comments on April 23, 2003 –Can proceed as soon as author incorporates comments from review

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